Watch: Toy Story 4's Full Length Trailer Has Dropped

Watch: Toy Story 4's Full Length Trailer Has Dropped

After nearly a decade long wait, Toy Story 4 is so close to being officially released on the big screen.

Toy Story 3 finished with Andy giving up his toys before going off to college and gives them to Bonnie. The fourth film will follow Bonnie and her love for all of our favourite toys, and the addition to a new friend, Forky - a spork with googly eyes.

The toys take it upon themselves to take care of Bonnie's new favourite toy, until Forky makes a dash for it, admitting this isn't the life for a spork. The movie follows Woody chasing Forky, convincing him to return to Bonnie while they embark on a new adventure, that includes the return of Bo Peep.

Woody begins to struggle with returning to Bonnie himself, when Bo shows him what else is out there for toys, just like them.

The trailer gives us all the feels, returning us to our childhood.

The film will be released on the 21st of June this year.



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