Tonight's Graham Norton Show Lineup Is A Good One

Tonight's Graham Norton Show Lineup Is A Good One

The lineup for this week's Graham Norton show is quite a good one. Hollywood royalty are no stranger to the red couch and this week is no different. A quartet of movie A-listers, along with one of the biggest names in the British rap scene

First up will be the legend that is Tom Hanks who is on to chat about Toy Story 4, where he will be again providing the voice of Woody. Toy Story 4 is released in Irish cinemas today. Hanks told the Independent that he "said his goodbyes" to Woody after the third film

“I think every time one ended I thought we were saying goodbye. I think the riskiest one was the second one because the test was, can the people at Pixar live up to the gravitas of the first one? And it happened. It’s happened every time.”

The two time Oscar winner will be joined by stars of Spiderman: Far From Home Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal. The film arrives in Irish cinemas on July 1. First reviews from the US suggest that its a "winner" so Spiderman fans can afford to get excited. The movie deals with Peter Parker in the aftermath of the events of Avengers: Endgame

Graham will also be chatting to Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow, who of course is so no stranger to the Marvel universe herself. Paltrow will likely discuss her controversial "In Goop Health" summits, the next of which is June 30. Some of the most outlandish health things Paltrow has claimed include "bee stings reduce scarring",  "bra underwire causes cancer" and who can forget her advice for women to 'steam-clean' their vaginas.


Music for tonight's Graham Norton show comes from Stormzy, who has just been announced to be taking the place of Chance the Rapper at Longitude.

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