The True Star Of The Fyre Festival Documentary Set To Get His Own TV Show

The True Star Of The Fyre Festival Documentary Set To Get His Own TV Show

Fyre Festival; the stuff of a mad-man's dream - a mad-man that was apparently something of a twin-headed beast, with one head consisting of a compulsively lying, bafflingly-wealthy, aspiring entrepreneur's and the other being that of Ja Rule. It was pitched as essentially being a P Diddy music video writ large, a cloyingly hollow version of glamour where 6,000 people imagined that they would each end up slow-motion dancing on the sun-bleached bow of a yacht alongside one of the Hadids. Instead, it ended up falling in that sweet spot of frenzied, life-threatening depravity that exists somewhere between Lord of the Flies and the closing night of any Oxegen festival.

The documentary released by Netflix, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, is an astoundingly expansive insight into just how comprehensive a disaster the ill-fated, high-end festival ended up being. The documentary begins with the incredibly ill-conceived plans to concoct the festival being outlined by those who worked behind the scenes and we, from there, are powerless to do anything but envelope our attentions in the embrace of its fascinating death-spiral. With any number of notable moments and characters littered throughout the documentary, including: a pilot who taught himself to fly using Microsoft flight-simulator and, perhaps most bafflingly, a man whose name is evidently 'David' but is spelt 'MDavid', it is impressive that one moment has so universally risen above all others in terms of its sheer lunacy.

That moment is of course the anecdote told by Andy King, a senior organiser of the festival, recounting how he was implored by the founder of Fyre media, Billy McFarland, to fellate a customs official in Florida to have four trucks full of Evian water released so it could be brought to the festival. The full story is so breath-takingly mental in its scope that it is worth viewing any number of times. The grim resignation with which Andy outlined his willingness to 'take one for the team' has caused him to become something of an internet sensation.

As a result of this he has been approached by several television networks about the possibility of appearing on various programmes, as well as by water companies hoping to use him in some advertising campaigns. If Evian do not snap him up for some campaign than they are the greatest of fools. He even revealed, in an interview with Vanity Fair that he has a show of his own in development:

"Let’s just say it’s going to be a show about hosting crazy events—what it takes to make them happen. There will be cliff-hangers, and you’ll get to follow me around and see how I pull them off.”


It would seem foolish, given that the show will be about the organisation of ludicrous events, for producers to not tr reunite everyone involved in the creation of Fyre Festival, to hopefully create another, equally catastrophic, event to provide ample fodder for the show. If only there was some app or such which one could use to help get in touch with and book Ja Rule...

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