One Year On: Remembering The Most Hilarious Moments From The Beast From The East

One Year On: Remembering The Most Hilarious Moments From The Beast From The East

If you were to ask some people what Ireland's defining moment in the 21st century has been so far, their answers may be varied and considered. Some might say that the recession of 2008 and the resultant banking bailout proved to be the most seismic event in 21st century Irish life; others might tell you that the introduction of the Euro, helping to cement Ireland's place as a key pillar within the EU has been demonstrably vital; there are some who might even claim that the fallout between Mick McCarthy and Roy Keane in Saipan in 2002, and Ireland being within spitting distance of beating Spain to reach the World Cup quarter-finals. You should tell them however that they are all mistaken and the correct answer, for everything has a correct answer, is that Ireland's definitive moment in the 21st century was our utter inability to cope with the Beast from the East last year.

Anything that causes an entire nation to become so worked up that it panic buys - not just essentials like bread and milk etc. - but literally cleans out entire supermarkets is to be revered. In the buildup to the storm, some of the most incongruous baskets of shopping ever assembled on Irish soil could be seen. In any supermarket throughout the land, it wouldn't be uncommon to see someone career by you with a basket full of pineapples and Bovril, who would then seize on a promotional stand of DVDs and, in their deluded panic, stuff 15 discounted copies of Babe: Pig In The City into their basket before barreling toward the checkouts. It is important to bear in mind that no one, since the 1980s, has purchased Bovril, despite the concerted efforts of the entire Bovril marketing department. As such, it is impossible to discount the possibility that the Beast trom the East was engineered by the Bovril marketing team so as to drive people to buy their bizarre product in the ensuing frenzy.

We also destroyed a Lidl.

To commemorate it being a year to the day since the Beast from the East hit Ireland in earnest, we've compiled a list of tweets to bring back some fonder memories of what was surely, Ireland's defining moment of the 21st century.





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