Concern As Thousands Of Irish Wander Around In Pyjamas Following Storm Emma

Concern As Thousands Of Irish Wander Around In Pyjamas Following Storm Emma

Medical professionals are said to be concerned about the masses of Irish people who were found wandering around in their pyjamas in the aftermath of Storm Emma.

Many who have been cooped up in the house the past few days have no knowledge of what time or day it is. College Times spoke to Natalie Walsh from Dublin who continues to make hourly trips to the shop for bread and milk. Walsh, dressed in a Disney onesie looked dishevelled and seemed confused when we questioned her.

It's worth noting that there was a strong smell of BO coming from Walsh, who said:

What? Is it worse it's getting? I'll have to get back to watch the news bulletin

Sasha O'Reilly, also a Dublin native, was seen wearing Marilyn Monroe pyjamas outside the local Off Licence. Swigging a can of Dutch Gold, she said.

Ahh I always have these on me when I go the shop. F**k the haters

Offaly housewife Nuala Burke branded pyjama scenes "an absolute disgrace" and had no pity for those who were locked in a state of confusion following the storm. She wasn't available for further comment however, as she was last seen rocking back and forth, watching the news for the latest weather updates.


Local GP, Sarah Digdaggin said:

People need to come to terms with the fact that Storm Emma is never coming back. It's also likely that they might need to be surgically removed from their pyjamas. Support is out there if you need it but ultimately the first step is having a wash

Shout out to this fella Ste (twitter.com/notstelfc), whose bang on the money tweet inspired this award winning article. 

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