The 7 Types Of People You'll See On Ash Wednesday

The 7 Types Of People You'll See On Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is a staple in the Catholic calendar and marks the beginning of the dreaded Lent. It's a time of starving yourself of delicious foods such as chocolate, sweets and crisps – the trinity.

However, the most prominent feature of Ash Wednesday is the people walking about their daily lives with a simba-like smear across their forehead. It's supposed to look like a cross but sadly ends up looking like some sort of eye shadow smeared incorrectly.

You will always see the exact same people strutting their stuff on Ash Wednesday, every single year as follows.

1. The pious mother who got her cross before dropping the kids to school

All to show off to the other mothers how holy she is.

2. The college student who forgets about their cross


And ends up falling asleep in the lecture and destroys their five-head.

3. The simba look-alike

Who got a lazy priest who just wasn't arsed with doing the cross properly anymore.

4. The anxious student who decided to give up the smokes


And is literally shaking with withdrawals outside the Arts block.

5. The Ash Wednesday meme wanker

You've seen this.

6. The person with an ash uni-brow


Oh, the shame.

7. Finally...the skinny person complaining about not being able to eat chocolate

You didn't need to give it up in the first place...


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Ciara Finnegan

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