The 14 Types Of People You'll Find On Snapchat

The 14 Types Of People You'll Find On Snapchat

Snapchat has, over the past couple of years, become a must have for the social media savvy. But like with anything there are advantages and drawbacks to the app. Here are the some of the poxes you will come across on Snapchat.

1) The Smug Landscape Person

Will have a picture of a beautiful landscape and an inane comment like 'office for the day' or '#blessed'. Leave it bleedin' ouh!

2) The Drunk One

You know the ones. Needless snaps of pounding club music as you try to perfect your duckface while dancing and holding your drink. You have a social life, WE GET IT.


3) The Gigger

These snaps usually take the form of a dark wide shot in a field/tent and a band that can be barely seen or heard. Is it really so important that you record this terrible quality audio of your fave band?

4) The Fashion Blogger

Can't wait to show you all of her bargains and where you can find them. I'll tell you where you can find them: PENNEYS! EVERYTHING YOU BUY IS FROM PENNEYS!

5) The Punmeister


Solely uses Snapchat as an outlet for their terrible puns.

6) The Basic Bitch

The flower crown and the cute dog filter. Come on, mix it up guys.

7) The Single Drink Hypeman


This ludraman will have a picture of their drink with some bullshitty tagline like 'YOLO' 'TGIF' or 'Squad Goals'. These are the same people that will go home after three drinks.

8) The Gym Bunny


Likes to make it known to the whole world that he/she is pumping iron. What about the rest of us obese slobs who have to trawl through your selfies? What of us?!


9) The Mother

Her snaps, hell, all of her social media is dedicated solely to the PR of her offspring. Give us a rest, love, they're just babies.

10) The Animal Lover

Much like the mother except swap out babies for dogs/cats.

11) The Foodie


Much like the Mother except swap out the babies for food. And also the Mother does not eat her babies.

12) The Artist

Spends far too much time trying to construct a paint masterpiece. If you're that into your drawing buy a sketchbook.

13) The One With The Video Essay

The great thing about Snapchat is that the videos are only seven seconds. But that feature is rendered useless when your snapchat story is over five minutes. Quality over quantity!

14) The One Who Sends You A Snapchat Even Though Its On Their Story

Overkill dude, overkill.

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