Viper Higgins - A Tribute To Ireland's Greatest YouTuber

Viper Higgins - A Tribute To Ireland's Greatest YouTuber

YouTubers generally have a bad reputation. For most people they fall under the same banner is 'influencer', which is not a title to be proud of in the eyes of the general public. One man, however, has kept his reputation intact in spite of this. Ever since he slithered onto our screens as one of the Hardy Bucks, then taking his reptilian like movements to YouTube, he has had a huge fanbase. I am talking of course about the king of Castletown, Mr Francis Higgins, or The Viper as you may know him better.

On his own YouTube channel Viper currently has 22 videos. Not a lot by general YouTube standards, but he also had 50 part series with RussiaToday called World News. The series began on Viper's own channel, but ended when Euronews caught on to him for using their footage without authorisation. Here's the originals, in all their glory.

It's news how it was always meant to be. Why haven't RTE been referring to ISIS as the "boom boom boys"? It's just clearer. News broadcasts need rhyme, along the lines of "Vladimir Putin, doin a bit of shootin". Viper is making news more accessible to an Irish audience. I'd want to hear all about the jig-actin over in Paleshtine if it was Francis delivering it.

Back to the main channel. There is no singular word you can use to describe his videos, such is the range he covers. 22 videos over 6 years. The most you can do is narrow it down to storylines, with a couple of extras. We have; Fontaine - his American character; Horses - where we encounter poor Patín first; Adverts - the latest one. Other than that we have reoccurring characters, and some conspiracy theories/commentary on the banking crisis. He has moved away from the 'Viper' character we know from Hardy Bucks, and is showing some acting ability. His New York accent is better than many in Hollywood.

Viper (or Chris Tordoff as he is on his days off) is clearly a very intelligent fella. He plays brilliantly on stereotypes, like the pintman in this video is someone I think we've all encountered in a pub at some point.


The videos are warped commentary on very specific aspects of Irish society, if you really want to get into it. He takes something with absolutely no comedic value, for example gambling on horses (horses are class, 9/4, 9/4 variations and santy money) and makes it hilarious. Something about the juxtaposition of the serious subject matter, with the physical comedy of the Viper himself, is a killer combination.

He goes in on the more well-off members of society in his latest material, exaggerated as it may be. Mercedes and its follow-up Zurich, are piss-takes on adverts for the respective companies, while simultaneously having a dig at upper class culture.

Where Viper really shines is when he has a mic in hand. He's done this on commission for various channels and has one example on his own platform and its some of his best work.

He's not the most prolific YouTuber, but quality over quantity. Viper is a national treasure.

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Joe O'Gorman

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