Here's What John Joe From The Late Late Toy Show Is Up To Now

Here's What John Joe From The Late Late Toy Show Is Up To Now

The Late Late Toy Show is an annual Christmas tradition, not only is it our chance to see what's massive in toy world but to meet the kind of characters you'd never be lucky enough to meet in your daily life.

One character who stole our hearts back in 2008 was John Joe from Roscommon. The young man went viral after his passionate discussion about clocks, James and the Giant Peach and wanting to become a horologist.

Hundreds of people took to social media to share their love for John Joe and his overnight fame resulted in a popular remix of his voice being played in nightclubs across the country.


Now, for the first time in eight years since reappearing on the Late Late Show in 2010, John Joe has resurfaced. John Joe was briefly mentioned in an article by the Sunday Independent, a journalist focused on the interior of his family's home in Paris rather than the legend standing before them - talk about burying the lead.

According to the interview shared by author Éithne Shorthall, John Joe, who is now a teenager and lives in Paris, is focusing on becoming an auctioneer as he realizes there's no money to made by just working with clocks but, going by the photograph of his bedroom, he's still clock mad.


Fans of the wannabee horologist tweeted their delight after discovering the update about one of the Late Late Shows greatest guests:

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