11 Songs That Should Never Have Seen The Light Of Day

11 Songs That Should Never Have Seen The Light Of Day

Are these 11 of the worst songs of all time?

Danielle Bregoli, the infamous "Cash Me Outside" girl, recently released another song and on our discovery of said song we couldn't help but think of the worst songs of all time - sorry, not sorry.

It seems that the go-to move for any reality star, once their 15 minutes of fame has expired, is to release a song. Apart from the odd X Factor hopeful, the majority of these singles are utter rubbish and disguised by their best friend Autotune.

In terms of ranking, we find it almost impossible to rank which song is worse than the other so we've decided to leave that up to yourselves. Here are 11 songs that we think should be banished to the wastelands:

1) Danielle Bregoli - 'These Heauxs'

Worst line: "These heauxs, they wake up, they beggin'".


2) Heidi Montag - 'Blackout'

Worst line: "Black out the satellite and be my lone star".

3) Axel F - 'Crazy Frog'


Worst line: The entire thing.

4) Ylvis - 'The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)'

Worst line: "Dog goes "woof, cat goes "meow".


5) Honey G - 'The Honey G Show'

Worst line: "I'm big in the game, I'm so big in the game".

6) Katie Price - 'I Got You'


Worst line: "Hold me until the moon don't see the stars".

7) Rebecca Black - 'Friday'

Worst line: "Seven am, waking up in the mornin'".


8) Cher Lloyd - 'Swagger Jagger'

Worst line: "Get on that floor, get on that floor, my swaggers in check".

9) Ed Sheeran's - 'Galway Girl'


Worst line: Where do we start?.

10) Mike 'The Situation' - 'The Situation

Worst line: "Wow. We got a Situation".


11) Kim Kardashian - "Jam (Turn It Up)

Worst line: "On the floor, I can't stand still and I'm goin to work like I'm paying my bills".

Any musical travesties you think we missed out on? Let us know in the comments.

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Garret Farrell

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