Join Our 'Irish Freshers 2017/18' Facebook Group

Join Our 'Irish Freshers 2017/18' Facebook Group

If you're starting college this month you're about to embark on what has the potential to be the happiest chapter of your life. The possibilities for fun and shenanigans are endless, while you genuinely could find your one big passion in life.

But of course, it's also a period of massive change and a time when you needn't feel alone with any struggles you might have. That's why we're setting up the Irish Freshers 2017/18 Group, an online community for everyone starting college in Ireland this year.

Throughout the year we'll be posting plenty of tips, survival guides and of course any craic that might pop up along the way. However we are merely the facilitators and everyone is free to post and chat to each other as much as possible. So feel free to join here and tell your buddies!


Join the Freshers group here

Mark Farrelly

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