The Best YouTube Channels Everyone Should Follow To Laugh, Learn And Cry

The Best YouTube Channels Everyone Should Follow To Laugh, Learn And Cry

YouTube is a wonderful space but sometimes I get lost amongst the 80s music videos and weird conspiracy theories that have me panicking if my tap water is being laced with undiscovered toxins. So if you're anything like me and get lost in the bizarreness far too often here are some of the best YouTube channels to follow.

Buzzfeed Yellow 

The ladies of this channel are refreshingly honest and generally gas and real women with genuine responses. Watch them try out homemade beauty remedies and wearing Instagram-style make up for a week. They've literally made my day.


Glozell Green


"HELLO! IS YOU OKAY?! IS YOU? GOOD 'CAUSE I WANTED TO KNOW!" - Glozell 24/7. I've only come close to wetting myself a number of times and one such time was when I watched Glozell's cinnamon challenge (below for good measure). Follow her and laugh forever more. Just use the bathroom first.


Gigi Gorgeous 

The most stylish woman on the internet and slaying on the daily. As a trans woman Gigi talks about life in the public eye and her positive and negative experiences. Get monthly updates about Gigi's personal favourites and hear the hilarious scenarios she ends up in. She's also bestie's with Kylie Jenner if any of you care.




Lacey Green and MTV have teamed up to give us updates on all things equality and social justice. Green explains social issues in a clear, informed and accessible way. If you're a feminist you'll love her videos.





'Cause everyone needs a guiding hand.



Kevin and Lil

Kevin constantly pranks his granny Lil and it's gas. This is for anyone who loves their granny.




If you love collecting information you'll love these short videos by TedEd. Nerd feels!



Her "Shit Irish Girls Say" video became a hit back in the day. Clisare still uploads regular videos about Irish life and captures the simplicities of us all. Watch her Purge video. Here she is being drunk and trying to use social media. Gas hun.



Enya Martin (Giz a Laugh on Facebook)

Nothing made me laugh more last Christmas than the video from the Giz a Laugh series. The Dublin Home Alone will have you breaking your shite laughing. I love you Enya Martin.



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