How To Create Festival-Ready Beachy Curls With No Heat Whatsoever

How To Create Festival-Ready Beachy Curls With No Heat Whatsoever

Not everyone is gifted with a curler, and not everyone can be bothered to style their hair. Heat curls can also ruin your hair, so why not try no heat curls? We've got an easy tutorial that'll make it super simple to get those festival beach waves without any styling tools.


This tutorial works best on freshly washed hair that's been air dried.

Step 1.

Part your hair in the middle and separate your hair.

Step 2.


Spray your hair with water, as well as a few spritzes of sea salt spray. Don't go overboard though!

Step 3.

As shown above, take two pieces of hair and wrap around each other. As you go down, add a new piece of hair and twist.

Step 4.

When you get to the bottom, use a hair tie to secure.

Step 5.


Do it again on the other side.

Step 6.

Roll your hair into buns and secure

Step 7.

Leave overnight or wear during the day for at least 4 or so hours.

Step 8.


Take out and run fingers through to separate

Step 9.

Spray with hairspray to set.

Step 10.

All done!!


This video explains it in more detail:


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