12 Ways To Cope When Your Ex Moves On

We've all been there. Break-ups are never easy, especially when it's not a mutual one. Trying to find ways to be okay without the other person feels like an impossible task and is something you have to focus on 24/7. It's one thing learning to live without them, but it's a whole other ball game watching them be happy with someone else. Here are some tips you should think about taking if you see your ex has moved on without you...

1) Delete them on all social media.

The last thing you should be doing right now is stalking every single profile of theirs that you can access. It'll be really hard at the start, but deleting them on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and every other platform will be best for you in the long run. You have enough reminders of the relationship in your mind and heart besides finding more online.

2) Avoid running into them on nights out.

You might think going to their favourite club and spying on them for the whole night will make you feel better but it really won't. You'll drive yourself insane and it'll rip your heart out seeing them get with other people. If you somehow know where they're going to be on a particular night, do your level best to avoid that spot and focus on having a great night with your friends.

3) Take up a new hobby.

People tend to underestimate how effective it can be to invest time in a new hobby after a break-up. Don't get me wrong, grieving is all well and good but you can't spend the entire day moping around the house. Get dressed, get out of your room and do something that will distract you, even if it's only a temporary distraction. It'll make the alone time a little less painful, at least.

4) Binge-watch everything on Netflix.

Ah, Netflix, the best friend of any newly-single person. Don't feel guilty spending hours every evening indulging in endless episodes of Pretty Little Liars. If it's taking your mind off your ex, it's a healthy option for you right now.

5) Stock up on Galaxy bars.

Or any other brand of chocolate. There will be tears and there will be hurt, but at least there'll be comfort food as well. There's nothing better than crying your heart out and then refilling it will tea and chocolate love.

6) Cry like a motherfucker.

As mentioned above, crying can actually be really good for you. You might feel embarrassed letting your emotions get the better of you in front of your friends, but they're not going to be judging you in that moment. In fact if they're that caught up in the moment, they might just shed a few tears too.

7) Stop comparing everyone to your ex.

The reality is you were head over heels for your ex and you fully believe no relationship will ever come close to that one again. And y'know what, you may very well be right. Your relationship with your ex was unique, as is every other relationship in your life. Stop trying to find a new version of your ex and start learning to appreciate people for who they are, not who you want them to be.

8) Make dates with your besties.

It's times like these we all need a snuggle from our closest friends and for the to tell us everything we want to hear. Like that our ex was a dickhead anyway and that we're better off with someone else. Illegally download a movie, put on your onesies, grab a bucket of popcorn and camp yourselves on your bed for the night. Having company is a great way to start fixing a broken heart.

9) Confide in your mom.

You may not want your mom knowing all about your love life and your emotions, but if your relationship was any way serious, she's going to notice something off with you. Tell her and save her the "I'm fine" shite. She's the one person you can jibber on to about your ex all night long and will never tell you to shut the fuck up. Also, she'll most likely offer you tea and food if she knows you're upset. It's a win-win. Well, considering the circumstances.

10) Get rid of everything that reminds you of them.

By that, I don't mean gather a pile of old letters and pictures and set them on fire in your garden. I just mean put them away and don't keep looking at them. When it comes to jewellery or clothes your ex may have gotten you, it's a matter of opinion. If you want to continue wearing that stuff, by all means do. But if putting on the ring they bought you for your anniversary makes you too upset, it's time to put it away in a safe place.

11) Listen to Sam Smith.

You might be finding it difficult listening to music because every song reminds you of your ex, but sometimes that's the best way of coping with a break-up. Knowing there are other people in the world that have felt the exact way that you do is a great reminder that you can get through this time.

12) Get yourself on Tinder.

I am by no means supporting the idea that getting under someone else helps you get over your ex, but engaging in harmless flanter is never a bad thing. Even if you don't want to go anywhere near another human for the foreseeable future, chatting to randomers can be a fabulous distraction. Especially when you've used and abused your besties and they're in need of a well-deserved break from your constant texting.

Olivia Dawson
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Olivia is a Journalism and New Media student at the University of Limerick. As well as writing for College Times, she is also a contributor with Campus.ie and SpunOut.ie. After college Olivia hopes to write feature articles and/or opinion pieces for a New York magazine, from a penthouse suite in Manhattan, earning a six-figure annual salary. She's also known for being slightly over-ambitious.

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