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One and all, meet Mr Jamie Carney aka Jamie Jay Car, a man brimming with as much talent for comedy as determination for living life to the full. The Dubliner, who studied media communications at Colaiste Dhulaigh in Coolock began his online career with a mock video he made with friends called ‘One-Legged Rapper’. Carney, who was born with a birth defect meaning he only had one leg, has proclaimed that in five short years he will be a millionaire. And who are we to argue with him? CollegeTimes caught up with the Near FM presenter  to talk about his show "The Buzz With Jamie Jay Car", online videos and why his friend might have his name tattooed on his bum (yes, really)...


1.Hi Jay! Right so can you sum yourself up in six on-point words, just for the CT audience?

In six words wow, that’s quit difficult. I'm gonna go with  - ambitious, motivated, determined, random, strong and weird.


2. What made you want to start making videos in the beginning?

I was always quite extroverted and outgoing but I never had a platform to express myself on until I started to produce videos for YouTube and Facebook. I had done the stand up comedy thing before the videos (well, I did about 3 gigs) but it’s a lot of pressure. I like the freedom of video making. If you fuck it up you can just reshoot or record again which is something you can't do if you fuck a joke up live on stage. I am also very creative and making videos is an awesome outlet for that. Another reason I like making videos is because it’s a great way to get your name out there and as I am currently a radio presenter with Near FM (Shows on every Monday at 16:30) so making videos is a great way to get people interested in you, what you have to say and who are which in turn gets people tuning in each week.



3. Tell us something about yourself that you think people would wanna know but don’t…

Hmmm, well a friend of mine actually has my name 'Jamie Jay Car' tattooed on his bum, I kid you not. One day we were sitting around and I said to him "I wish someone would get my name tattooed on them it would be great." To which my friend 'Wayne' replied half jokingly: "If you pay for it, I'll do it on my arse" and thus the rest is history


4. Is there ever any pressure to get more subscribers and views?


I am a strong believer in my future. I know I am going to be one of the most successful Youtubers, and Radio Presenters to ever come out of Ireland. I work hard every single day to make my dreams become a reality. So therefore no, there is not much pressure because I know the major views and subscribers will come in time. That sounds really arrogant but I am not an arrogant person at all. I just believe in myself which is what the world needs more of.


5. In what way do you think college students would relate to your videos?

Well, they're comedy sketches about break ups which, lets be honest happens a lot in our college years. There's also lots of videos relating to sex where I take to the streets and ask people questions like "Is Sex Over-rated?" etc. and what college student doesn't like sex!? We're in our sexual prime surrounded by likewise human beings in the same boat. Its bound to happen.



6. Who are your biggest influencers on social media?

I'll start off in Ireland -  I absolutely love "Clisare". Her comedy sketches are nothing short of genius, she just totally gets the Irish humour plus she's absolutely gorgeous too. I love Sean Burke too, his comedy sketches are so witty. I also adore the Rubber Bandits. They're probably my favourite ever, I mean who wouldn't love two geniuses covered in plastic bag being wacky but also sending an intellectual message across in their content?! I respect anyone who has the balls to throw content out onto the internet. In terms of international I love Pewdiepie his style of editing influenced me a lot and I tend to recreate his style of editing in my own videos just because I like it.


7. Ok so, serious question: 5 years’ time - where do you see yourself?

I will be a millionaire, with a best seller book about my life (which I am currently writing so keep an eye out for that folks. I mean, there's not many one legged Youtubers from Ireland that have the stories I have to tell!) comfortable, and working with really awesome people. I plan on making everyone who ever doubted me eat their words and I will never forget the people who had belief in me from the very start.



8. Any tips for someone just starting their YouTube career?

Be YOU. Don’t worry about what other people will think of you, no matter what in life, people will always have good and bad things to say about you. Don’t let other peoples opinions of you define who you are. Believe in yourself, if you have an idea for a video don't say "Ah I'll do it when I have free time OR "Ah it probably won't be as funny as I think"  - just go do it! If you don’t have time then make time, express yourself and try to be original and let your personality come across. Don't get hung up over equipment. Just because you don’t have a major film camera doesn't mean you can't make a short film or comedy sketch all you need is a camera a microphone and an idea.


9. If you had to pick one, what would be your favourite video of yours and why?

On of my favourite videos is when I interviewed Owen Colgan known as BUZZ from Hardy Bucks. Although the audio is terrible, the wind is blowing my hair and notes everywhere, I'm kinda nervous because I'm a big fan of his. It's still one of my favourites just because of his honest, funny and real answers and since creating that video we have kept in contact talking to each other sometimes on Facebook. He's just a genuine funny bloke and I can't wait to work with him again. ARE YOU LISTENING OWEN? Get me a fucking cameo on Hardy Bucks!


10. If you could collaborate with any YouTuber who would it be and why?

PEWDIEPIE and EVERY Irish Youtuber out there!


Chasing my dreams at the minute isn't easy as I am currently only at the bottom of the ladder money can be a real issue. I can't thank my beautiful girlfriend Niamh, my family and friends for all the support they have given me over the last few years with all of this madness and I can't wait to repay that support when I reach all of my dreams and goals.


Cheers Jamie for chatting to CollegeTimes! You can listen to Jamies show on Near FM every Monday at 4.3opm. Check out Jamie's incredible work on YouTube here and Facebook here.


Video: Jamie Jay Car Asks - Is SEX Over-Rated?


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