The 10 Types Of Oversharers On Social Media

Social media can be tricky to navigate for most but there are some who have just plain abused the system. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram the social media over-sharer can be spotted, usually pretty quickly as they'll most likely dominate your timeline and newsfeed! From personal to political and everything in between they will have an opinion, comment, like and post for f*cking everything. To check if this might be you have a look at these 10 signs you've become one of those over sharers on social media...

1. The Sympathy Seeker

Do you make a post that you're not feeling too well or are sick every time you cough or blow your nose? *Cue comments from people asking and hoping you're ok* Seriously Facebook etc. is not the place to do this, so either private message or call someone-otherwise it is just plain attention seeking!

2. The Selfie Queen

Do you constantly update Facebook and Instagram with your 'glorious' selfies as much as possible? As great as it is to feel good about yourself it is also good to keep things in moderation! Too many of these and it can come across like you're a bit self-absorbed and you'll just push people away.


3. The Serial Tagger

Are you always tagging your friends in posts that you feel are so relevant to them? Once in a while it's funny but every single day and you need to actually just see your friends and chat. Like a normal person.

4. The Profile Changer

You change your profile pic every chance you get! Just pick a freaking photo and live your life please!

5. The Dear Diary


Do you make a post every time something interesting or more likely less than interesting happens in your life? It can come across as somewhat personally invasive seeing it on a Facebook timeline hearing the "fascinating" details of your life when you could easily mention it in passing at a coffee catch-up but no 'that bus driver who smiled at you was nice'. Time to get an actual diary to put this stuff in, away from the inter-web plz.



6. The Constagramar

Are you constantly posting those filtered pics on Instagram? You clog up everybody's Instagram feed and there's only so much love to give! Yes that black and white artsy pic of your Starbucks latte is nice. But maybe just enjoy your next Starbucks latte by just drinking the fucking thing.


7. The Rent-A-Cause

Do comment or post your opinion on every single issue or topic of the day-the more controversial the better? Please stop - we get it. You're relevant and want to be heard but believe me when I say your opinion in no way makes you more interesting since you word vomit on every post you see. Remember sometimes it's good to not always comment, a little mystery can go a long way.

8. The Snapchatter

Is Snapchat your go to social media when you don't feel you're getting enough likes or shares on Facebook or Instagram? Do you go to town on those silly Snapchat filters? Is your story like more than 100 seconds long every day? Then stop for the love of God. It can be annoying too when your friends see your constant snaps and the constant pressure to reply can get too much!


9. The Family Poster

Are you always posting photos and sharing way too much about your family, whether it's your kids, other half or siblings? Do you post tonnes of pics of your kid etc. all the time with every single expression captured within a minute? Your child will not thank you in the future-in fact if that were me I would be mortified but that's my opinion.

10. Mr Popular

Does the number of your Facebook friends range in the thousands? Chances are you don't know 90% of these 'friends' but you like how it makes you look. TBH it just looks like you should live in the real world. Don't get me wrong, social media can be great when used sensibly but it can be annoying when it's abused for attention.




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