The 11 Funniest Irish Yahoo Answers Ever

The 11 Funniest Irish Yahoo Answers Ever

Yahoo Answers is a bizarre site where idiots ask questions to be answered by idiots. We've decided to delve into the doldrums of internet lunacy and bring you some of the funniest Irish entries - or questions involving Ireland - in recent years. Buckle your seatbelts, people from Portlaoise.

1) The Quintessential Leprechaun Questionirish yahoo 1

irish yahoo 2

2) In Other Words, 'No.'

irish yahoo 3

3) The Big Question About Galway

irish yahoo 4



4) The Question We All Need Answered

Screenshot (267)

5) A Stunning Defence Of Leitrim

irish yahoo 5

irish yahoo 6


irish yahoo 7

6) God Bless America

irish yahoo 8

7) An Indictment On Cavan's Shopping Scene

irish yahoo 9



8) Who Is More Powerful?

irish yahoo 10

9) Slán Leat

irish yahoo 11

Screenshot (275)

10) We're An Obliging Bunch


irish yahoo 12

irish yahoo 13

11) Sure God Love Her

irish yahoo 14

Screenshot (278)



Kyle Mulholland

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