11 Massively Underappreciated Irish People Who You Need To Follow On Twitter

11 Massively Underappreciated Irish People Who You Need To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is undoubtedly the best platform for a good old rant.

However, as much as ranting is an essential part of Twitter, we want a bit more funny in our lives.

With that in mind, we've complied a list of hilarious Irish Twitter accounts that may not be that well known but are guaranteed to brighten up your day.

1. Mark Mehigan

If you want gut-wrenching, laugh-out-loud observations, this is the Twitter account you need to follow.

2. Lisa Williamson

Genuinely hilarious. Every damn time.


3. Fiona Hyde

Sharp-tongued, feminist wit –Fiona's tweets will become addictive.




4. Colin Chadwick

He's an Irish comedian whose tweets make fantastic observations about Irish society and everyday life.

5. Aoife

This woman is GAS. Her one-liners are second to none and she'll have you wanting more the minute you start following her.



6. Ruthe Phoenix

Ruthe is the queen of puns, and with tweets like the one below you're guaranteed to retweet them all.

7. Ryan Cullen


Pure Donegal. Pure gold.

8.  Peter

Hilarious screenshots and everyday jokes are his speciality.

9. Roxanna Nic Liam


Amen to that.

10. Fionnuala Jones

Fionnuala is a Cork-born freelance journalist whose observations are spot-on every time.

11. And finally... Holly Bourne

Holly's twitter bio reads: 'Caps lock enthusiast. 90% Human 10% Anti-bacterial hand gel.' If that's not enough I don't know what is.

Ciara Finnegan

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