13 Unreal 90s TV Shows You've Forgotten You Absolutely Love

13 Unreal 90s TV Shows You've Forgotten You Absolutely Love

Every 90s kid will remember a time when there was nothing better than running home after school to watch some classic TV. This was a time before you could record on a Sky box and had to meticulously schedule your viewing times.

But so many TV shows have been erased from our memory...until now.

Here is the ultimate list of some classic 90s TV shows you used to love but have probably forgotten about.

 1. 50/50

This was broadcast on CBBC and was the ultimate adventure course TV show. Everyone dreamt of their school getting chosen to take part – it entertained us as well as made us sweat with the excitement of it all.


2. Round the Twist


This hidden gem had the catchiest theme song of all time as well the most bizarre story lines ever. Regardless, we loved it and spent hours watching.

3. Arthur

Ah Arthur, this was a show that the theme song alone thought us a life lesson. It featured a family of aardvarks wearing clothes and participating in every day life – I've seen weirder things in fairness.


4. Are you afraid of the dark

The theme song alone still freaks me out. Everyone remembers the creepy stories depicted on this Nickelodeon show from around 8pm onwards.

5. The Magic School bus


What a show. Remember the class of children who would go on mental school trips in their magic flying bus? Why couldn't our mams car do the same?


6. Extreme Dinosaurs

This show featured muscle-head dinosaurs just generally causing a ruckus about the place. They fought bad guys and did it all to this guitar riffed theme song.


7. Angela Anaconda

This show was relateable for so many as its main character Angela was bullied. I found it weird and still do, but it was a show adorned by many.

8. The Demon Headmaster

This CBBC show was the epitome of the 90's. The theme song alone is hilarious, watch and laugh at the cheesy-ness of it all.



9.Rosie and Jim

This was the best show ever. It featured two, slightly-creepy puppets who lived on a boat. Brilliant.

10. Banana's In Pyjamas


No one thought two life-sized banana's who wore pyjamas was in any way weird, it was a better time.

11. Goosebumps

This Nickleodeon show was based on the books of the same name. Slightly controversial and actually really creepy, this show had everything that makes 90s shows so classic.



12. Powerpuff Girls

Every girl had at least one Powerpuff girl toy growing up. It had a character for everyone from the girly-girl to the tomboy – it was just so entertaining.


13. And finally...Tom and Jerry Kids

I take it back, this is the catchiest theme song of all time. Featuring a baby Tom and Jerry it was slapstick comedy and was just generally gas.



Ciara Finnegan

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