24 Flashbacks From A '90s Summer

A 90s summer? Where do I begin...

1. It was always sunny.

Even when it wasn't. I only remember sun, and over-sized daffodils, and tormenting siblings with those sticky ball things. Nettle stings and the frantic run for doc leaves...And the comfort of thinking I was exactly where I should be, with the people I wanted to be with.

2. Cool-Pops.

We still love ice-pops. But back then, they were KING. Just had to be careful not to slice open your lips when opening the top. Remember the Flintstones ones, in a triangle shape?! AAAHHHH


3. Being Outside All The Time During The Day, Because All We Had Was Television (Any Maybe A Tamagotchi).

And sometimes TV was shit on certain weeknights. But we didn't mind. We were too busy having fun outside. Tip the can til way past your bedtime, and a few sneaky and adrenaline filled knick-knocks on neighbours oh those were the days! Also, zapping ants with a magnifying glass, spending the whole time avoiding 'bloodsuckers' and powering up that supersoaker.


4. The Very Rare Times It Was Raining, And We Built Forts/Tents Indoors.

..And let it go quiet for a moment, and lying down on the thinly blanketed-hard ground beneath us, and hearing the angry rain against the windows. Lost in our summer.

5. The Silly Clothes.

So many embarrassing things. But they were self-inflicted to a certain extent. Cycling shorts and tie dye tee's a whole haaaaape of Disney merchandise and Boyzone and Spice Girls covered errythang.


6. Watching The 'Best' Movies When You Absolutely HAD To Be Inside...

*takes deep breath*

'The Indian In The Cupboard', 'North' (Don't watch it now, you'll literally get sick), 'Jungle 2 Jungle', 'Jumanji', 'Blank Cheque', 'Richie Rich', 'Home Alone' (Yes, even in Summer... we were weird kids...), 'Jurassic Park', 'The Lion King', 'Space Jam', 'Small Soldiers', 'The Little Rascals', 'The Sandlot Kids', 'Clueless', 'The Mummy', 'Romeo & Juliet', 'She's All That', 'Ten Things I Hate About You', 'Dunston Checks In', 'Toy Story',  'Aladdin', 'Little Giants', 'Fly Away Home', 'Matilda', 'Rookie Of The Year', 'A Little Princess', 'Look Who's Talking','The Muppet Christmas Carol' (I told you, we were weird), 'The Secret Garden', 'Babe', 'My Girl', My Girl 2', 'The Parent Trap', 'Mousehunt', 'Casper', 'Good Burger', 'Dennis The Menace', 'Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie', 'Madeline', 'Baby's Day Out', 'The Babysitter's Club', '101 Dalmatians', 'Flubber', 'Kazaam' (Horribly brilliant), 'Getting Even With Dad', 'George Of The Jungle', 'Camp Nowhere', 'Heavyweights' 'Passport To Paris.'



7. Push-Pops.

So advanced. So cool. So lick-able. Yum. "Don't push me push a push pop!"


8. Going To The Local Pool.


And literally all the children that ever existed are there. It's basically one big 'splash'. And those styrofoam boards for floating. AND the long thin ones which you tried to ride like a horse but always sank on... And the chlorine eyes.Those gross foot baths things threatening verrucas. And looking at the boys/girls.


9. One Of Your Friends/Siblings Crying About Something You're ALL Gonna Get In Trouble About.

The phrase that would make your blood run cold: "I'm telling!" They grazed their knee being in that place you said you wouldn't be... They forgot their inhaler after they promised they wouldn't... They blah blah blah, etc. And you thinking "Someone stop inviting this jack-ass to hang out with us!"



10. Someone Getting Cranky Because It's TOO Hot.

Like, those words should never be said together: TOO hot. You're being silly. UNLESS you're the kid that needs the factor 50 sun cream and you're literally glowing with in on your skin, and your polo t-shirt's-neck is all juicy from the stuff and you smell all medicinal and you feel awkward.


11. Holidaying With Your Family.


And being in a stuffy, oven-car for stupid amounts of time, and fighting with siblings. And sleeping in mid-range hotel rooms you wouldn't step foot in now (until you get your own kids I presume), and being scared of the woman at reception. BUT LOVING EVERY SECOND OF DISNEYLAND. Oh holy fuck Disneyland was so magical.


12. Falling In Love For The First Time (You Thought!).

And it takes over every single second you're awake. You learn how to write terrible love letters with romantic and poetic "Roses are red..." type love declarations. It almost makes you feel sick. But it's everything. Lesson learned: if they tease you/push you over/call you "ugly and skinny" then they fancy you.



13. Experiencing Utter Annoyance From Being Exposed To You Parent(s) For So Long.

First couple of weeks: Fine. End of summer: You make me die inside when I see you. They were also getting prettty damn sick of you hanging around all day. "Go out and PLAY!!"... sound familiar?




14. Tamagotchi's/Hand-Held Electronic 'Disney' Games.

Fun for twenty minutes. The novelty of cleaning up a digital poo got old pretty quick. Then we just had to go outside again and wait for the '2010's', and 'Angry Birds.'


15. The Feeling That It Was Always Gonna Stay This Way.

No real stress or complications, just you and your friends living life in the best possible way...



16. The Sound Of The Ice-Cream Van Coming Around...

That first lick of an ice-cream cone in summer, screwballs when you didn't have much pocket money left and hundreds and thousands and sticky red sauce doused on everything...



17. Making Water Slides/Having Water Fights

Out of whatever materials you could get your hands on. And usually ending up getting hurt... REALLY BAD...!


 18. Fighting Over The Blow-Up Chair.

Why? Because I just said it was a 'BLOW-UP Chair' you dick, whaddya deaf?!



19. How The Music Soundtracked The Whole Summer

OMC, How Bizarre,

No Doubt, Just A Girl

Len, Steal My Sunshine,


Brandy And Monica, The Boy Is Mine,

Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit,

Coolio, Gangsta's Paradise,

Ace of Base, The Sign

The Cardigans, Lovefool (or most of their tracks),

Deep Blue Something, Breakfast At Tiffany's,


Sixpence None The Richer, Kiss Me. Some of my fave's!


20. The Complete Devastation Of Summer Ending, And School Beginning.

Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck. I don't want to... I'm not ready... Why... Make it stop... School 'BAD'... Summer 'GOOD'...


21. Nickelodeon was King

Shows like Sister Sister, Kenan and Kel and Sabrina the Teenage Witch can never be replaced.

22. The Books

If you were like me and loved sitting out in the back garden with your cool colourful 90s sunglasses then you'd remember devouring stuff like Nancy Drew, the Babysitters Club and Goosebumps and pretending that you belonged in Enid Blyton's Mallory Towers. Oh, just me then? Cool.


23. Kiss Chasing

Still just me? ....Cool, cool.

24. The Funfair

Going to the funfair with your family was one of the pinnacles of those Summer days. Remember utterly shitting yourself on the ghost train, ramming candyfloss in your face and willing your dad to win you the poorly made stuffed animal you had your eye on? The fun house and the hall of mirrors and getting mild whiplash on the walzers- Ahh the fair...


Video: 10 Things That Make You A 90s Kid



Credit: Alltime10s

Stephen Brennan

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