What Your Favoured Hot Drink Says About You As A Person

What Your Favoured Hot Drink Says About You As A Person

Choosing a hot drink may seem like an every day task but what you decide on says a lot about your personality.

Whether it's coffee, tea or something in between – we've got you sussed.

1. Americano

You have your shit together. If you drink your americano black you're one up again. You're probably doing a paid internship in a law firm and have a briefcase with your initials carved into the wood.


2. Chai Latte

You wear vintage clothes and are probably vegan. You refuse to get your chai latte from Starbucks as you don't like supporting multi-global corporations.



3. Tea

You're a normal human being. You enjoy talking about tea, choosing biscuits to dunk into your tea and lecturing people on how to make it 'properly'.


4. Hot Chocolate

As delicious as hot chocolate may be, you're probably in your first year of college and still a pioneer. That will soon change once you start adding in marshmallows.



5. Green Tea

You consider yourself a zen person and do yoga on a weekly basis. You have a compost bin out the back and make your own chairs.

6. Cappuccino

You went on your Erasmus to Italy and have come back cultured. You wear all black and have a single dreadlock in your hair.



7. Espresso

You are bleedin' mental. You've probably dropped out of college to become a DJ and wear tie-die t-shirts.


8. Peppermint Tea

You're either studying Communication studies or Journalism, and have no idea what you're doing with your life. Your favourite TV show is 'Community' and you're just a class person.

9. White Hot Chocolate


You have a beard and are currently living with your sister while looking for a place. You're super into video editing and enjoy raspberries.


10. Flat White

You've recently grown out your hair and wear glasses with no prescription.

11. Finally...Bubble Tea

You're cultured, travelled and hey, where are your pants?





Ciara Finnegan

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