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12 Conversations Every College Girl Has When She's Drunk

Every night out there's always those same conversations that keep popping up after one (or two or three) too many vodkas. When you meet up with your friends there are some conversations reserved for their ears and their ears only. How these conversations keep coming up we'll never know. It probably has something to do with the ridiculous amount of drinking you do, you need to calm down.

1.  "You're literally my best friend. I love you so much! What would I do without you? No, no, SERIOUSLY what would I do?!"

2. "Why is she looking at me like that? Like, she's staring at me, what's her problem?"

3. "Oh my god I don't hate you! Why would you think that? I never hated you, I thought you hated me!"


4. "Here, should we just get like 3 jagerbombs each? I'm waaay too sober right now."

5. "Please can we meet up tomorrow? Like we haven't met up in so long, I miss you. We can get Chinese and hang out in our PJs."

6(a). "I hate him so much, you're so lucky you're single. He's so mean to me. Boys are so stupid. I wish I was single."


6(b). "You guys are so perfect together. He is so good to you. It makes me wish I had someone like him. Omg I hate being single."

7. "I just met the NICEST girls ever in the bathroom. We are best friends... I forget their names... But they're coming over to mine tomorrow to watch Mean Girls!"

8. "You are so pretty like, I'm so jealous of you. How do you get your hair like that? Aw I wanna just chop off all of your hair and glue it onto my head."




9. "Im not being dramatic, but I've NEVER needed to pee so much in my life. I'm actually going to have to go outside and squat if this line doesn't move."

10. *Crying* *Tries to say something* *Cries more* *Can't stop crying* "I love you." *Hugs*


11. "Can we order Dominos like right now? It might be at home by the time we get back? I need pizza. Like, I need it."

12. "Can we spoon tonight? I'm feeling needy."


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Áine O'Donnell

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