From Regret To Revenge: 14 Types Of Drunk Kiss We've All Had

Kissing someone can often be complicated enough in itself, but add alcohol and a busy club into the mix and everything’s up in the air: whether it be in the smoking area, the dance floor or the toilets, here's a selection of the different types of kiss we've all experienced on a night out:

The wingman kiss.


Your friend is getting it on with someone and you're awkwardly standing with their mate looking around the room. Do you really like them? Who even cares, you might as well get in there now that the conversation's dried up, and you can remind your friend tomorrow of your heroic behaviour. #heroforlife




The shift and drift.

A common sight on the dance floor, there’s no pretending to get to each other here, you're lucky if you get a name. It’s a quick lob of the gob, and then back to your mates in time for the next song...beautiful, dirty, call it what you will, but it still counts, right?



The mini-relationship kiss.


The total opposite of the kiss and go, you spend your entire night with this person, you get to know their friends, they even hold your drink for you when you go to the bathroom, you're practically picking out curtains together. Maybe you’ll swap numbers at the end of the night, maybe you won’t, but it was great while it lasted. True, young, passionate love.



The caught on camera kiss.



It’s guaranteed that you'll be tagged in this one straight away, untagging is useless, this photo will most likely be gracing the event header next week as well. You'll wonder what the photographer gets out of this violation, and why they're never lurking when you're getting off with a hot person. That'd show them...

The full-on stalker kiss.

You kiss and that was fun, and now you want to get on with the rest of your night. Oh wow, they’re still following you around and so you try every trick in the book: I'm going to the bar, I’m going to the toilet, I’m going to dance with my friends, but nope, they’re still there. You can be harsh, get with someone else and pray that hopefully the music will be loud enough that you won't hear their heartbreak.


The friend with apparent benefits.

Alcohol can be a confusing thing, but we’ve all done it; the next day you might realise you love them, but most likely you’ll just cringe. Don’t worry, you guys will most likely get over this hurdle, but it helps if no one else saw...Yeah, good luck with that.





The free drink kiss.

Whether they've bought you a drink or there's promise of one on the horizon, you feel as though it's only polite that you go along with this one. People may call you cheap, but when that drink's in your hand, you'll know you made the right decision.



The street peck.



Just because the club has closed, doesn’t mean the party has ended, there’s still time to mingle in the crowd that gathers outside, or maybe you just felt the passion outside Mcdonalds at 4am, a romantic hotspot for any party goer surely. It's like a modern-day, drunk Romeo and Juliet.

The 'too drunk to remember anything' kiss.


It’s the morning after and everyone’s going over last night's antics, then suddenly your friend pipes up, ‘I can’t believe you and that guy/girl’. You rack your brains for any memory of this romantic encounter, only to discover that it’s lost forever. Just remember that if you’re ashamed to admit your drunkenness, then you can't claim it as a victory. 




The 'one you're bound to regret' kiss.


They go on about class bonding in first year, but sometimes people take it a bit too literally. Yes, you’ll be the subject of class gossip for the next year, but take the title and own it Gurl (or Boy).




The ‘I’m lost’ kiss.

Shit, you've been wandering around for a while now and your friends are nowhere to be seen. Oh hello there random stranger, guess you’ll keep me busy until my friends reappear, but you both know that the second they do, you’ll vanish into the night.




The actual couple kiss.


Not as common as the rest, but you can occasionally stumble upon an open minded couple looking for a singleton. You might end up going along with it, just hope the photographer isn’t passing by for this one.

The ‘I just broke up with someone’ kiss.


You have a point to prove on this night out and you are not leaving until you've done it and by it, you mean someone hot.



The 'hottest person there' kiss.


You may wonder how you did it the next day, but sometimes all the stars aline and you end up kissing a really hot person, and this isn’t even the beer goggles. Your friends are jealous and your work here is done. *Drops mic*

Charlotte Reid

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