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The 7 Most Bizarre Christmas Flavoured Foods

The 7 Most Bizarre Christmas Flavoured Foods

The festive season is well and truly upon us and with that comes people and items that push Christmas too far.

The latest craze amongst food companies is creating gross combinations that serve no purpose other than to disgust. Regular food items are transformed with bizarre Christmas flavours and combinations that are just plain wrong.

From chocolate and cherry cinnamon sandwiches to Christmas dinner flavour pot noodle, we've rounded up the weirdest Christmas flavoured foods from around the globe.

1. These cocoa and spiced rum crisps

Sorry that combination on a crisp is just rotten, no wonder they're limited edition.


2. Christmas dinner flavoured Pot Noodle

How do they come up with these things?

3. Turkey and stuffing doughnuts

I'm lost for words.


4. Pigs in a blanket Pringles

This one isn't the worst on our list but definitely isn't okay.


5. Bacon flavoured Diet Coke

6. Chocolate and cherry cinnamon bread sandwiches

Tesco have really out done themselves with this hideous sandwich creation.

7. Lamb and Mint Walkers


Can we please erase these from existence.


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