The 9 Best Irish Hangover Cures

The 9 Best Irish Hangover Cures

If you're a college student, hangovers are something you're probably quite used to at this stage. There is quite literally nothing worse than a bad one and they can seriously impact your day.

If you're lucky enough to be able to spend the next day wrapped up in your pyjamas, drinking tea – lucky you! However, most people have commitments they must attend to like dreaded work.

If you were out on the sauce last night and feel the world slowly crumbling around you, worry not. Here are some classic Irish hangover cures that will have you feeling mildly better in no time.

1. LOADS of water and paracetamol before bed

This is the key to avoiding an awful headache the next day.


2. Orange Lucozade


Not the shite original flavour either, it has to be the orange one. If you work in retail and have to be on your feet all day this will be your saving grace.

3. A dirty fry

There is nothing quite like soaking up last nights regrets with some delicious rashers.


4. A lovely cup of tea

Tea has a comforting quality and can turn even the worst of days around. Throw on the kettle and suddenly all your fears from last night will disappear.



5. Chicken fillet roll

The ultimate hangover essential. There is nothing quite like that first bite into a juicy chicken fillet roll the morning (or afternoon) after a night out. Top with taco sauce for extra curing relief.

6. A banana

If you're feeling a little queasy – aka you puked your ring up last night, bananas are great for easing that stomach.



7. Ginger tea

Maybe a more modern concept, ginger tea has been proven to settle the stomach – say goodbye to nausea.

8. Sleep

Sleeping it off is one of the best remedies – you end up skipping the worst part of the hangover, HOORAY.


9. Finally...drink an isotonic sports drink

The electrolytes will help re-hydrate you and you'll be feeling fresh in no time.




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