15 Things You'll Regret In 15 Years

15 Things You'll Regret In 15 Years

Everything seems rosy when you're young but time moves way too fast and before you know it you're looking back nostalgically and wondering where it all went. Try not to do anything you regret and try not to regret anything you do... Or in this case, don't do.

Not travelling enough

Might seem like an obvious one but it's surprising how fast the years go by. Upon finishing College or school, you should designate some time that you're going to spend travelling. Visiting cultures that are far from what you're used to, meeting people that you can learn from and taking all that experience and wisdom and applying it to situations in your future. As cliched as it sounds, travelling will expand your mind and help you understand life and the people in it a lot better. It will give you both perspective and ambition and will give you experiences that you'll be able to draw from in years to come.


Staying in that job too long

Yes, everyone needs a job and yes, most people have to endure a shit one at once stage in their lives. I've done everything from being a door girl to washing dishes to building walls. A shit job is fine, it teaches you diligence and work ethic and most of all, how to treat people... But once you've learnt everything you can, leave. Don't let it consume you, turning you bitter and angry. This goes for high paying, high profile jobs too. If you think you can find something better, you probably can - it's that simple. Be braver and take a chance because it's very easy to find yourself comfortable in the uncomfortable.



Not finishing College

Granted this only applies to some people, but if you're a person who's half way through their degree or course and you're considering dropping out, think twice. College has so many positives and very few negatives. It exposes you to new people, new experiences and most importantly - education. Sure, you could learn it all from a book yourself if you wanted to, but will you? Sitting in a chair and having someone stand in front of you and teach you is a far greater luxury than a lot of people appreciate. Not finishing a course would be a total waste of time. Get that piece of paper which says you completed it and give it all you have when you're there.


Not looking after your skin

You might have beautiful skin now, no wrinkles, no sun damage... but this will change. Very, very quickly. Protect your face in the sun, moisturise at night and girls, don't wear too much make up. It will damage your skin and you will regret it.





Ask any smoker at the age of of 40 and they'll tell you they wish they'd never taken it up. Give up now. There is absolutely no benefits to it whatsoever and whether you like it or not, it is controlling your life and it is damaging your body. You still have time to be a non-smoker without causing too much harm. If there's anything you can do right now that will have a 100% positive effect on your future, it's giving up smoking.


Staying in that relationship too long

An expression that I particularly like is 'hindsight is 20/20' meaning, when you look back on things, you can see them so clearly. It's very hard to admit when you look back on an old relationship that it went on for too long because it means you're admitting weakness. You weren't strong enough to accept that it wasn't right and end it. It's shit, but it's the truth. Staying in a bad relationship can be damaging to your confidence and your lust for life. If you have any doubts in your current relationship and you needed a sign - this is it. Get out and stop wasting time with the wrong person, it might be stopping you meeting the right one or, spending some much needed time with yourself.



Not experiencing enough live music

Not everyone is a fan of live music, or any music for that matter but you don't have to be a fan to appreciate how uplifting it can be. Whether it's two guys at a party with guitars, a dj set at a festival or a salsa band in Spain, live music is good for the soul and there's no denying it. There are free gigs of all sorts in every city around the world, embrace them while you still have the energy to do so.


Ignoring exercise

You might be young and naturally fit or skinny now but I can promise you one thing, that will change. Your body will change at around the 25 mark and it will just deteriorate from there. Depressing but, oh so true. Keep exercise in your daily routine if you can't afford the gym. Walk everywhere, run when you can, go swimming. Keep fit and never get out of the habit of moving as much as you possibly can.


Burning bridges and holding grudges

Mistakes are made every day by everybody in your life, including you. Some are easy to get over and to accept, some not so much. If a friend or family member hurts you in a way that you can't see yourself getting over, that's okay, but accept it and move on. It was their mistake and they'll have to live with it, but holding onto anger is not good for anyone.


Neglecting your teeth

Brush, floss and mouthwash. You'll never regret doing it, you WILL regret not doing it.

Not taking enough photos/videos


Yes, people who take ten thousand photos on a night out are super annoying. But get used to taking a few photos a month, snap shots of your life. Maybe your trip to college/work, a picture of you outside your favourite coffee shop, a picture of your friends sitting around watching tv. They're the pictures that are going to ignite memories in years to come, not the random up close of heads in a nightclub. Take some videos of your friends and family members, they will be so valuable to you in 15 years.


Spending too much time watching crap

Watching a good movie, a decent series or best of all, an interesting documentary is fine. There's a lot we can learn from films and even tv shows, but reality tv is where intelligent life goes to die. Watching hours of the Kardashians, Banged Up Abroad and whatever other crap is out there at the moment is a waste of your time and your brain. When you're older and you have kids and a serious job or heavy commitments, you'll wish you had more time to read or exercise... Not catch up on Made In Chelsea.


Not socialising enough


Maybe you're someone who socialises all the time, and that's great. Getting out there while you're young, going to parties, gigs and dates is what it's all bout. When you're older there won't be as many invitations or opportunities and socialising is where you make connections and meet people.


Hanging onto a friendship that has run it's course

It's a hard lesson to learn but lots of friendships don't last the test of time. People grow and change and move apart and while you might want to hang on to that person, you really are just reminiscent of the good old times. Clinging onto these relationships can sometimes take more energy then it should, if it's that much effort - it's not meant to be.


Not saying 'Yes' enough

When you young you get invited places. Even if it's just a game of tag rugby, a walk with your Dad, a pint on a Sunday. Say yes to as much as you can. Life throws you experiences and with them come new memories and opportunities. Next time someone asks you to go to a free abstract play in town, just go! What else are you gona do, go home and watch the Kardashians?


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