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7 Ways To Pimp Up Your Porridge

7 Ways To Pimp Up Your Porridge

Porridge is a great, healthy breakfast food that's beloved by all. However, it can be super boring unless you truly spice it up.

Whether you cook it in the microwave or on the stove, if you use milk or water and even if you add toppings, there are loads of ways you can make it extra tasty and a bit more exciting.

With that in mind, here are a few easy ways you can pimp up your porridge.

1. Add in fruit

Berries, bananas, chopped up peaches – it not only adds flavour but gives you a healthy boost of antioxidants.

Check out this triple berry recipe here.



2. Use different milks

Adding in almond milk, coconut milk or even normal milk will add a creamy texture you just can't get with water.

3. Throw in some nut butter

Whether it's peanut, almond or cashew they add some protein as well as healthy fats to you porridge, as well as being delish.


4. Pour on some maple syrup


It will add a whole new dimension to your porridge and will leave you licking the bowl clean.


5. Sprinkle on some seeds

Not only will they provide you with some healthy fats and trace minerals, they add a delicious crunch and seeds such as linseed supply a healthy amount of Omega-3.


6. Spice up your life


Spices like cinnamon are delicious this time of year. It adds a lovely flavour as well as speeding up your metabolism – WIN. Try adding some chopped pear and vanilla essence to really impress.



7. Finally...add in some protein

It's not secret that gym-goers have been pimping their porridge to provide extra protein. By scooping in some flavoured powder after your porridge is cooked, you can have a perfectly balanced, high-protein meal. #gains


Ciara Finnegan

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