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Top 7 Places To Get The Juiciest Burgers In All Of Dublin

Top 7 Places To Get The Juiciest Burgers In All Of Dublin

If you're like me, my love affair with burgers started many moons ago. There's literally nothing better than a delicious, juicy burger. If a burger is on the menu, it's getting ordered. In recent years, Dublin has become a happening place for burgers with restaurants popping up left, right and centre. So we decided we'd round up the best burgers in Dublin.

Gone are the days of the traditional bun, lettuce, tomato, mayo, burger, bun – something much greater has taken its place. With inventive combos and bigger, better, juicier burgers, Dublin has become a mecca for fans of the fast food fare.

1. Bunsen, Wexford St.

The original and the best. It has become famous amongst Dubliners for its incredibly juicy burger that tastes beyond anything you could ever imagine.

2. Five Guys, Dundrum

This is a recent addition to the burger craze sweeping Dublin, but if hype is anything to on, – this will knock your socks off. The American chain is never without a queue even though it's been around since October.

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3. Fagan's Pub, Drumcondra

For this one, I've had to hand it over to my colleague Mark Farrelly. He says:

I cannot aptly put into words the sumptuousness of the Fagan's classic burger. Trying to talk about its taste is akin to trying to whistle a description of the Mona Lisa; to truly understand it you must experience it.

It's so juicy that one must use a knife and fork to eat it, for fear the burger will fall apart in your hands. And the pepper sauce ... Oh the pepper sauce! Just go and get it. You'll see.

4. Wowburger, The Workman's Club


This burger place is tucked away inside the Workman's Club but it's one of the best burgers in Dublin. Featuring an unbelievably juicy burger, it's very similar to Bunsen.


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 5. Bobo's



6. Handsome Burger (Eatyard)

Galway favourite Handsome Burger have opened their first Dublin outpost at Eatyard where they will serve up their award-winning menu

7. Finally..Pitt Bro's, George's St.

This is the place to go if you love your meat. The burgers have a smokey taste while still remaining juicy and tender – perfection.

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