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China Bans 'Sexy' Banana Eating...

Have you ever felt yourself blush furiously when tucking into a banana in company? Pretty suggestive old fruits really arent they? I used to have one friend in school who I couldn't look at when she ate one she would so passionately engage with it. Eyes closed- the works. I'm even reluctant to this day to eat one of the things in public. Totally ridiculous but there you go.

Well it seems we're not alone with our dirty minds- the BBC reported today that China has actually banned live-stream videos of people eating bananas suggestively. The videos have been deemed 'inappropriate' and 'erotic' and the government wants them completely gone. The videos, well more webcam sessions, are now considered pornographic. These show young women, sometimes girls under 18, entertaining a mostly male audience.

Recent data has shown that 60% of the webcam viewers are under 22. The ban has got people wondering where the authorities will draw the line- what will be seen as 'sexy' banana consumption and what will be plain old regular banana eating. As well as the banana ban- stockings and suspenders were also banned from webcam sessions by the government. Having looked at the video, we can't deny that it looks more than a little bit like something else...



Video: Why has China banned banana eating videos?


Credit: Beep

College Times Staff

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