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Drinking In Your Teens Vs As A College Student

Oh for the good old days when you could just park your ass in a field and crack open a few tins. Your only worry was getting caught by the Gardai or getting soaked in the rain. But when you reach your twenties and move into the pub scene, your drinking style changes drastically. It's all expensive drinks and bouncers and actual closing times. But thankfully, we can relive our teenage years of drinking in a field at Electric Picnic and Longitude in a much more acceptable fashion.


Here are the main differences between drinking when you were a teen and drinking as a college student.

Teen: It's all about how many units alcohol you can get for a fiver.


College Student: It's all about what alcohol won't give you a terrible hangover.

Teen: A field was the best place to drink, mainly because your parents weren't there.


College Student: You still love drinking outside, but only on that one hot day in June.

Teen: Clubbing is like a military operation where you have to learn your older cousins star sign to get in anywhere.


College Student: Clubbing is spontaneous and normally after you have too many drinks midweek.

Teen: You never buy drink in the club, it's all about that sneaky naggin.

College Student: If you're drunk in the club, you're drunk enough to spend all your money.


Teen: You always send the friend who can grow a beard in to buy the alcohol. Or an older sibling.

College Student: It's all about finding the cheapest wine in Lidl and bulk buying.


Teen: Your main drinking utensil was a two litre bottle.

College Student: You've upgraded to a mug or a cup or whatever is clean really.


Teen: House parties were the highlight of your month and nothing, not even the flu, could stop you from going.

College Student: Nights in are rare and precious.


Teen: Drinking games were the party game of choice.

College Student: Now shots make you feel so sick, but you still partake...sometimes...


Teen: You drink in any pub that would have you, mostly Wetherspoons.

College Student: It's all about pubs that serve the best chips for lining and anywhere BYOB.


Teens: You don't know your limits and end up puking all over your front garden.

College Students: You STILL don't know your limits and end up puking all over your front garden.


Teens: You are fresh as a daisy the next day, ready to take on the world.

College Student: You are in the foetal position and have googled 'can a hangover kill you' twice already.

Aoife Connolly

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