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Drunk Talk: What You Say Vs. What You Mean

While the old tale goes that drunk words are sober thoughts, there's definitely less truth to that than one might think. Quite often you're actually more prone to lying when you're drunk, if only to save yourself the embarrassment of saying what you actually mean. While you might have less of a filter on you after a few drinks, your brain is still looking out for you.

1. In The Bathroom


What you say: "Oh my God, you're so gorgeous! I wish I was you. Let's be best friends."


What you mean: "You're so pretty and I'm actually a bit intimidated by you, but let's be friends for the minute we're in the bathroom together and then we'll probably lose touch forever."


2. On The Dancefloor


What you say: "I love this song!"


What you mean: "I know some of the words to this song!"


3. When A Creep Is Hitting On You


What you say: "I'm gonna run to the bathroom really quick, back in a minute!"


What you mean: "I'm never coming back."


4. When Doing Shots


What you say: "Let's do another shot!"


What you mean: "I'm way too sober for this shit"


5. When You See A Cute Guy Across The Bar


What you say: "Oh, he's so hot!"


What you mean: "I would literally climb him like a tree right now."


6. When You've Got To Pee


What you say: "I kinda need to pee."


What you mean: "Seriously though, I'm gonna pee on the floor if I don't get a toilet soon"


7. When You're Starving For Drunk Food


What you say: "We should go get some food!"


What you mean: "If I don't get food soon I might fall down"


8. When You've Drunk Too Much


What you say: "I'm fine! Let's go to another bar!"


What you mean: "I'm definitely not fine"


9. When You Feel Sick


What you say: "Guys, I'm not feeling the Mae West."


What you mean: "Yep. I'm gonna puke."


10. When You've Thrown Up


What you say: "I'm fine now, just a bit sick!"


What you mean: "My throat is burning with the intensity of 1,000 suns and I think that I'm probably dying."


11. The Next Morning


What you say: "I'm never going out again.'


What you mean: "A beer actually doesn't sound like the worst thing right now."

Ally Kutz
Article written by
American student interning in Ireland for the semester. Lover of dogs and bad puns.

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