Ex Texting & All The Shots: Drunk Decisions You Always Regret

We've all been there; you're six drinks deep, everything is going great, then BOOM - you've spent €100 on shots, you dropped your phone and you told your ex you still love them. Here are 15 decisions we have all made while drunk and have all regretted in the morning.

1. Buying Everyone At The Bar Drinks


Once the alcohol hits our veins, we immediately believe four zeros have been added to our bank account. Opening up your purse in the morning to find a receipt for 12 drinks.... the fear is real.

2. Updating Your Status



Waking up to 126 notifications from your Facebook account can only mean one thing... What the fuck did I do now.

3. Declaring Your Love For... Well, anyone


Whether it's your best friend, arch enemy or the pizza guy, you love them and you don't care who knows it.


4. Shots


These are NEVER a good idea. NEVER.

5. Texting Your Ex



It's 3am and you've consumed one bottle of tequila too many. Do not send that text... Put the phone down!

6. Ordering Too Much Food


You wake up with a half a large pizza stuck to your face. We've all been there.


7. Scoring Your Friend


Here's to not being able to look your friend in the eye for the next 10 years.

8. Deep Conversations With Strangers



Meeting a girl in the toilet and telling her your dreams and aspirations in life and how you're in love with your boyfriend's brother...

9. Losing/Smashing Your Phone


It's like losing a limb.


10. Making Plans To Go To Brunch The Next Day


Waking up the next day with a pounding headache and a strong sense of doom and despair, the last thing you need is a brunch to relive the terror.

11. Crying 



Sometimes it all gets too much after a few drinks and the tears start falling. Before you know it, you're in full ugly crying mode!


12. Passing Out



We've all been there.

13. Bringing Home A 10 And Waking Up To A 4


Beer and darkness can be deceiving.


14. Robbing That Glass/Salt Shaker/Ashtray/Insert Item Here


Why do we become a kleptomaniac when we consume alcohol? I'm usually a good person, honestly.

15. Online Shopping


Waking up with an order confirmation for a unicorn and a Kanye West mug.

Ciara Smyth
Article written by
My name is Ciara. I am founder of the blog Lipstick and Lime. I am from Cork and live in San Francisco. I love travelling, the colour black and pancakes!

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