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The Emotional Life Cycle Of A Hangover

You never learn, do you? This isn't your first hellish hangover, but for some reason this one stings the most. You know you don't do well on whiskey, so why did you insist on all those shots? There's no light at the end of this tunnel...

1. How Did I Get In My Bed...


Did I take the bus home? The taxi? Seriously, how the fuck did I get in this bed.

2. Okay. Sit Up.



One step at a time.

3. Nope. Lay Back Dwn.


Certainly not ready to take the first step.


4. If I Apply Pressure To Both Sides Of My Head, It's A Little Less Painful.


I think it's because now my actually applying direct pain to my face to distract from my internal pain.

5. I Know I Need Water But Fuck Me If I'm About To Walk To The Kitchen.



Why is this so hard.

6. Can You Die From A Hangover?


Death seems inevitable right now.


7. *Googles Chances Of Death By Hangover*


This is a trap. Don't do it. Don't Google it.


8. Oh My God, Google Says I Can Die From A Hangover. This Is It.



My mother would be so disappointed in me if I died like this.

9. If I Don't Think About The Pain, It Will Go Away.


Out of sight, out of mind...right?


10. Sleeping Has To Make Me Feel Better.


Sleep is nature's medicine.

11. *Wakes Up 4 Hours Later* HOW DO I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT?!?



This is actual torture.

12. The Light From My Phone Hurts Me.


I know I shouldn't stare into this bright light, but I have to check my Instagram feed.


13. This Is My Intervention. I Am Never Drinking Again. Never Never Never.

You've out done yourself this time.

14. God, I'm So Alone. How Is That Hangovers Make You Feel So Alone.



I'm single, and now I think I know why.

15. Okay. Maybe A Pint Will Solve This Hangover.


Isn't that the remedy? An alcohol for an alcohol?


Video: The Six Stages of Hangovers

Credit: Matthew Santoro


Ciara O'Shea

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