10 Life Lessons My Final Semester Of College Has Taught Me

Nobody ever wants to admit to themselves that their college experience is ending. "I'm never leaving, I'm going to keeping failing the year until I get kicked out." But alas, all good things come to an end. By the final semester of college, you start to think of yourself as fully grown up. You've went through everything exciting in your life at this point, right? The final semester is when shit gets suuurious. It's when all of your life lessons come up and smack you in the face. Here are the life lessons that my final semester of college has taught me.

1. Friendship Is The Most Important Thing.


College is where I've met some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, but only a few of them have shown proper friendship. (Buying me food, holding my hair back when I'm hungover etc.) Good friends are hard to come by, but when they do, the search is totally worth it.




2. I Finally Understand The "College Days Are The Best Days Of Your Life" Thing.


At the start, I was like "yeah this is OK i suppose... but best years of my life? Really? Surely there's more to life." But since I'm so close to the real world now, I completely get it. Lying in bed all day watching Netflix, going out 4 nights a week, somehow not running out of money even though I spend way more than I make, having my friends around me at all times... These aren't things that happen in real life. Why not? Who the fuck knows.




3. Lectures Are Very Much NOT Compulsory.


It doesn't matter if someone says they are, they're not. I'm living proof that you can miss nearly every single lecture ever and still pass with pretty grand marks. (Note: This probably does not apply if you're doing a course that isn't Communications, soz.)




4. Nights Out Are Great And All, But Wine And Chinese Is Better.


Love a good bop in Coppers, but all I need to have a good time is a 3 in 1 and good company. Nights out are great for getting to know people and making connections, but once you have those connections, there's nothing nicer than sitting in a room full of people you actually LIKE rather than just tolerate.




5. Netflix Actually Is A Waste Of Time.


DON'T KILL ME. I'm as addicted as the next person. But only in my final semester I have actually chosen to do social things instead of burrowing into my bed and binge watching Mad Men. Sometimes of course it is needed, but try to meet up with that person instead of watching Netflix, betcha you'll be happy you did.





6. You Can't Drink As Much As You Think You Can.


Ever. Like ever. No matter how much you think you have your drinking down to a 'T', you don't. So whenever you think you know how much you can drink, take about 4 drinks off that and there you go. Life lesson learned! No more blackouts for you woohoo!




7. Money Is More Real Than You Thought.


Until my final semester, money was kind of an imaginary thing. It was like a notion in my brain. A constant worry.... But it didn't really seem real, you know? Like my job is LEARNING right now. But soon it'll be actually working. Since approaching the end of my college life, there seems to be this black hole where I can't see and it's pretty freaky. How am I going to have money to do all of the things now? Oh well, crawling into bed seems like the appropriate thing to do on this thought. What are responsibilities?




8. Hoes Before Bros.


This one is pretty self explanatory. It's the one thing I find super horrible in a college friend, when they ditch you for a silly boy. Find a balance ladies, it's the only way to keep everyone happy! This is a life lesson that will carry you on well in life. Dolls before balls.




9. Coffee Is A Friend. Coffee Is A Way Of Life.


I reaaaaaally didn't want to become one of *those people*... But I get the whole hype about coffee now. Its' really the only thing keeping me going in my final semester of college. It's the only thing that let's you rave all night, get to work in the morning, come home and do an essay, and then do it all over again. Party on.




10. Having A Clean Email Inbox Makes You Feel Like You Have Your Life Together.


LIFE HACK. For so long I struggled with feeling like my life was in shambles, little did I know it was the 456 unread emails in my inbox that were stressing me out. One day I just sat down and cleared them/marked them as unread. And since that very day I've felt better about my life. Never ever underestimate the power of organisation kids. Tidying your room gives you that same feeling too, so do it once in a while.




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