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HB Survey Reveals Ireland's Favourite Ice-Cream And We're Not Surprised In Any Way

HB Survey Reveals Ireland's Favourite Ice-Cream And We're Not Surprised In Any Way

A lot of surveys can reveal some key data. But we think this one may take the (ice-cream) biscuit. Sure, surveys that outline economic tendencies and how our political ideologies are changing over the years have their importance, but this latest one from HB settles one of the great debates of Irish summers.

Whatever your own preferred option is, it's clear that ice-cream remains a popular choice across the board for Irish people asĀ just under a thirdĀ (29%) have said that they have had 5-10 ice-creams per month over the course of the summer.

But most importantly it has found that the humble Iceberger has come out on top as Ireland's favourite ice-cream with a whopping 42% opting for it as their first choice.

So there you go, for all of the new, modern flavours that have been introduced over the years, the Iceberger has remained top of the pile with no danger of it melting away out of our consciousness anytime soon.

A few other interesting titbits came out from the survey too. It seems we are a nostalgic people as a whole when it comes to ice-cream as a question on which product Irish people would most like to see make a comeback provoked serious debate.


In the end, it was the Fat Frog that has the chief spot in this regard in the hearts and minds of Irish people as it received 32% of votes.

An honourable mention, however, goes out to the equally alliterative Super Split which gained 24% of the votes to be crowned the most missed brand in the country.
Vincent Whelan

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