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The Thought Process of A Young Lad On the Pull

Irish charm only works on people who aren't Irish. This only means that Irish lads have to play the game of love a little differently in the club scene. Let's take a look into the psyche of a student on the pull:

1) "No birds allowed tonight lads, just get mouldy and act the bollix."

2) "I didn't mean a word of what I just said. I'm out to find love here. Or a nice girl to kiss."

3) "Coppers?"

4) "Of COURSE I'll pay €10 into Coppers for the privilege of kissing a girl on the hallowed turf."

5) "OK so what are we dealing with here?"


6) "Not that I actually care, but we'll aim high for now."

7) "How do you start a conversation again? And is it OK to dance up to a girl?"

8) "I need at least 3 more Jagerbombs to figure that out."

9) "Vodka. I need more vodka for my dancing to work."

10) "Jeeeesus I am SWEATING. Do I smell alright? *Sniffs* Yep. I hope."


11) "Smoking area. Time to release the charm."

12) "Hello there..."

13) "Sorry, what did you say your name was?" 

14) "No I won't buy you a drink until you've talked to me for a while, that's rude of you."

15) "OK, see ya!" 


16) "Back to the dancefloor, I suppose. I can feel a move coming on and I need to bust it."

17) "Awwwww 'Don't Stop Believin'= Air Guitar and an opportunity to show off my singing."

18) "Eye contact. I could be in here."

19) "Yep. It's go time."

20) "I'm so glad we're both hammered."

21) "Jaysus, I've actually done quite well here."


22) "Awh no, lights on, never looks good on anyone."

23) "OK, this isn't so bad, she's not running off on me."

24) "McDonalds or Supermacs? Please say McDonalds."

25) "Sweet!"

26) "Chicken Nuggets and back to the gaff. I am a gentleman and this has been a successful night."

27) "Awh shiii better text the lads."

28) "After pulling lads, chat to yas tomorrow."

Tom Quinn
Article written by
"The best there ever was" 10/10- TIME Magazine; "Moved this critic to tears" 9.5/10 - Independent; "Will be sorely missed" - College Times; "The Mighty Quinn"- New York Times

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