Listen, Laugh & A Little Flirtation: How to Make Her Fall In Love With You

Whether you've been seeing her casually and want more, or you've been together for years and the spark is gone, here's how to make her fall in love with you:

1) Be Yourself


Don't hold back parts of you for anyone or any reason. Every bit of your personality is worth getting to know; you just have to...

2) Be Confident


If you're starting a new relationship, show her that you're capable of leading things. If you're in a long-term relationship, show her that you can still be outgoing and challenge her. Don't start an argument, just don't be the proverbial doormat.


3) Make Her Laugh


Essential. Get your best one-liners out. If that fails, be embarrassing in the sweetest way possible.

4) Listen



This is something that should come naturally if you love her and you want her to love you back. You should appreciate what she's saying and take an interest in her interests, insofar as she can talk to you regularly and excitedly about them.

5) Be Caring


You don't have to be a complete sap to be a caring guy. If she needs a little moan, let her moan. If she looks like she needs a hug, give her a hug. If she's sick, bring her some 7Up and toast (only if her Ma can't). Be THERE for her.

6) Flirt With Her



Charm the arse off her the best way you know how. Be a good laugh and be her best friend that she wants to have sex with. From the word go, if you're what she's looking for physically, don't ruin your chances mentally by making her think you're not able to do the no-pants-dance well. If your long-term relationship has gone stale, don't be afraid to flirt. If she's worth having, she's worth keeping and all that BS.

7) Give Her Space


You're probably great to be around and all but everyone needs their space. Unless you had plans well in advance that she was looking forward to, don't be afraid to spend time with yourself or your own friends. She'll appreciate the space you're giving her and that you actually have a life outside of her. For the established relationshippers, if you haven't figured out when she needs some space by 6 months into being with her, I'd like to know whether you want to be buried or cremated at your funeral?

8) Dance With Her



If she loves to dance, you better get your red shoes on and your booty on the floor every night you go out. If she's not a dancer, next time you're sitting in (or better yet, caught in a shower of rain), do this. Put some nice music on (this Spotify playlist should do the trick), take her hand, give her a twirl, pull her close and look gently and lovingly into her eyes.

9) Love Her Family & Pets


Most advice columns will tell you to be nice to her family, but that doesn't go far enough. Genuinely make an effort and get to know and like her family (including pets) and you'll be well on your way. It's never too late.


10) Buy Her Little Things


Find out early what she likes to treat herself to. A bar of her favourite chocolate, a pack of crisps. Save flowers for really surprising her; the little things add up to letting her know you actually want to make her happy.

11) Let Things Play Out


Don't ever force a relationship; if it feels wrong it probably is. If she loves ya, she loves ya.



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