Careers Watch: Over 300 New Graduate Positions Announced Throughout Ireland

Careers Watch: Over 300 New Graduate Positions Announced Throughout Ireland

EY, one of the largest accounting and consultancy firms in the world, has announced that it is set to massively expand several of its Irish offices.

They are set to create over 520 new jobs in Ireland across its seven offices in the country. Of these, 305 are set to be graduate roles which the company hopes to have filled by September. This marks a significant increase on the number of graduate positions they had available at the same point last year.

This surely comes as fantastic news to the droves of students who, having staggered out of their final ever college exam over a month ago, are left staring into the abyss of having to consider what on earth they're actually going to do now they're little more than normal adults out in the harsh light of reality. For anyone looking to get into a professional industry, graduate programmes offer an excellent point of entry and are specifically intended to train people into their jobs, and indeed train them into working life, as much as they are about the job itself.

The bulk of the opportunities are within their core sectors of accountancy, auditing, taxation and corporate financing, however there are also positions in a variety of other roles such as data analytics, IT advisory, risk, cyber, digital strategy and customer experience.

Aside from their two main offices in Dublin where the bulk of the positions will be based, there also positions available in Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford.

Leo Varadkar said of the announcement that he was thrilled "to see EY continuing its commitment to graduate employment by  providing career opportunities through the recruitment of these 305 college-leavers, helping to copper-fasten our reputation as a leading country for top talent and investment."


Frank O'Keeffe, a newly appointed Managing Partner of EY, emphasised the companies commitment to offering an accessible career-path into the company for those immediately graduating from college.

“It’s crucial we recruit the best people from graduates through to partners with the type of sector-specific experience that will allow us to provide clients with the insight and advice they need to grow their businesses and customer base. In order to attract the best talent at all levels in today’s competitive labour market, we have extremely attractive packages and a leading purpose-driven people culture that celebrates diversity and offers employees an exceptional experience. We know that today’s employees expect more from their workplaces, and we are firmly committed to ensuring what we offer will give them huge opportunity to progress and build a successful and fulfilling career at EY."

They are looking for those who are graduating from various Business and Accountancy degrees to apply, as well as more broadly people involved in STEM subjects and Computer Sciences. If you would like to apply for one of these graduate positions then visit their website.

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