EY Announces Jobs For Some 360 Irish University Graduates

EY Announces Jobs For Some 360 Irish University Graduates

If you are unsure as to what exactly the multinational entity EY does then don't worry, they don't seem to be too certain themselves. Under the 'What we do' section of their website, they assert that they are in the business of "Helping our clients to solve their toughest issues". While this makes them sound as if they are some kind of large therapy organisation, they are not. Billed as a 'professional services' firm, they broadly seem to provide tax and financial advice and services to other companies.

In order for them to continue to fulfill their somewhat broad remit, they are looking to expand their operations. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced, at EY's Dublin headquarters yesterday that the firm would be creating some 600 new jobs throughout their Irish offices over the ensuing year.  To clarify - this was a prearranged announcement and asnt simply Leo Varadkar turning up at their offices, unannounced, and declaring that the firm had to create 600 new jobs.

This will involve hiring some 237 experienced hires and, more pertinently for the remit of this website, 363 graduates.

The roles will be in a variety of fields, including data analytics, IT advisory, dyber digital stratgey, programme management, audit and accounting, tax and corporate finance, and - the wodnerfully ambiguous - 'emerging technology'. As to what that phrase means, I suppose you will simply have to be hired into the vast labyrinthine corporate structure of EY to find out.

366 of these roles will be located in the firm's Dublin offices and the rest will be distributed between the company's various regional offices, in Cork, Galway, Belfast, Waterford, and Limerick. They will be seeking to fill these roles by October 2020. As such there will be a glut of opportunities for those graduating this year in relevant degrees to enter into one of these graduate positions.


Speaking at the announcement, Leo Varadkar commented, "It’s super that more than half of the jobs will go to new graduates, providing young people with a great start to their career straight out of college."

So if 'emerging technology' is your passion, this provides an unprecedented opportunity to work your chosen field - whatever on earth that may be.

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Rory McNab

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