You Can Now Apply To Work As A Full-Time Christmas Elf

You Can Now Apply To Work As A Full-Time Christmas Elf

If you're tired of working the same jobs over and over again and dream of something new, well, you can always become a full-time elf.

The number one Christmas destination Lapland is hiring elves to work for the Christmas season in all their Lapland safari destinations in Finland.

The role looks for "an elf is... an entertainer, a guide and a mythical creature of Christmas" which means your job requires you to be customer service savvy but embody the spirit of Christmas. In order to be a figure of Christmas, an elf has to be energetic, outgoing and a positive person. If you're a master of many languages, you'll be at a significant advantage to landing your dream role.

Don't worry, you won't be thrown straight into the reindeer pen. Every Elf goes through a training session at the Arctic Hospitality Academy which teaches apprentice elves the skills and security required to protect and serve Lapland and Father Christmas.

Your elfhood begins at the end of November and will end the beginning of January 2019. Lapland will help you find accommodation and each staff member receives discounts in shops and restaurants in all Lapland destinations


If you and a friend fancying leaving it all behind and becoming the next Buddy, apply here.

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