The Perks and Pitfalls of Student Blogging In Ireland

The Perks and Pitfalls of Student Blogging In Ireland

So, you’d like to be a student blogger. Or, you’ve clicked this article out of boredom, or curiosity or bored curiosity. Either way, welcome! This article will hopefully serve to kill a few moments of mindless scrolling by telling you all about the wonderful perks and a few pitfalls of working as a student blogger.

I’d be absolutely having a laugh if I was to suggest that this job anything but trumps working as a shop assistant or waitress (I’ve done both). But, as with any job, there are a couple of hiccups! Who am I to be dispelling opinions that nobody asked for?

My name is Kat and I’ve been working as a student blogger for the last 2 years as @PetrolRose. I say “working”, in truth I just post absolute shite (It’s not swearing if you stick an ‘e’ on the end mammy) on the internet several times a day. Who doesn’t want to know what I have for breakfast? For real though, some people are weirdly really into that. Pancakes- if any of you are now wondering. Baked goods are the way to my heart. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1.       Privacy and safety

Are two immediate things that come to mind. If you have any intention of becoming a blogger with an expectation that you will still have a shred of privacy, forget it. Your entire life is now online. Your parents know everything you did in Coppers last Tuesday night (I’m so sorry you had to see that. Lots of mass will make up for it, right?). Safety is a big one; when you’re letting the entire internet know where you are, expect strange humans to show up. Science! That being said, it is really flattering when you get recognised as the eejit who puts weird things on the internet. It really feels like you’ve made it as a blogger.

2.       Feeling hip and trendy

Who doesn’t want to feel cool? Being a student blogger often means invites to really cool events or press days where you’re told what’s going to be ‘in’ in about three months time. This means you can pretend you have a clue and really brings out the inner hipster- “I was doing that months ago”. Actually whilst we’re on events: Pro: you get to meet lots of cool and interesting people. Con: You have to be sociable.


3.       Confidence and comments

To be a blogger you need to be super comfortable in your own skin. The comments section can be either a confidence booster or destroyer if you let it. My recommendation is to hit the literal and mental delete button on negative comments, Or at the very least to find humour in them. One of my favourite comments (since deleted) was when someone took the time out of their day to write ‘f*ck off’ under a picture of me eating cake. Wow, aggressive!

4.      Blogging can be expensive depending on your content

A lot of mine focuses on finding new stuff to see, do or wear. That means budgeting! Fortunately blogging can also mean opportunities to try things for free which is a massive bonus.

5.       The search for content

Finding new content several times a day can be really wearing and tough. That being said though, it pushes you to leave the house and experience something new every single day. You will become the most active version of yourself.


6.       Experiences and Organising

With blogging comes so many opportunities to try new things, I’ve had the chance to try everything from trampolining to pints. It’s allowed me to see and do so much more. But, whilst you’re out doing all of these new cool things, your friends will think you know what’s good (you don’t) and you will end up organising everything. “Where are we going for lunch? “ “For €3 chicken fillet rolls Brian, we don’t have notions.”

7.       Being a blogger is both a pro and a con in itself

People either assume it’s really cool or that you’re completely up your own _. Both are true. I kid, mostly. It’s difficult to present yourself to the world as relatable, but trendy, at the same time as being yourself. No matter what you put forward everyone will have an opinion. But that’s what you’re asking for, isn’t it? Opinions and insights. Ah the wonderful world of everyone’s got something to say! Just find your personality and be true to that. Mine is mostly food, so you’ll see a lot of that. No salads for you… 

There you have it, a quick delve into the world of student blogging. Plenty of pros and a wee couple of cons. In all seriousness, blogging can be really fulfilling and can afford you so many opportunities and new friendships. You learn a lot and can have a lot of fun. Just keep in mind though, as with every job it’s not all easy sailing. That’s all from me. I’ll either see you on the internet or when I’m out doing something embarrassing on a Tuesday night because, yanno, timing.

Katherine is currently attempting to be an adult. She is obsessed with cats, food and general internet weirdness. You can follow her on Instagram @petrolrose. 

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