10 Different Things You Can Do For Your Mam This Mother's Day

10 Different Things You Can Do For Your Mam This Mother's Day

Mother's Day can be a tricky one for us students. It's hard sometimes to get a good gift for someone who deserves an island but all you can afford is a candle. Sometimes thinking outside the box and getting her something that's cheap and cheerful but really thoughtful is the best kind of gift. Or maybe you could treat your mam and spend the day with her and do something nice just the two of you. We have compiled a list of things you can do with your mam this Mother's Day and we have a few different gift ideas here too.

Things To Do

Go To The Cinema

You can make the cinema cheap, bringing your own munchies will cut the cost of the cinema by a third. Your mam will love to spend a few hours with you watching a good movie. A perfect movie to go see with her this year is 'Lady Bird'. The two of you can have a little giggle (or cry) and watch (maybe relate) to the relationship between Lady Bird and her own mother. It's an award winning movie so it's definitely a good shout!

Cook Her A Meal

Let's be honest, we don't cook for our parents half enough as what we should. It's hard being away at college though, all you want when you come home at the weekend is your mams home cooked dinner. #delish. But for Mother's Day, give her a treat, let her relax for the evening while you slave away in the kitchen for a change. If you really struggle with your culinary skills, order a take out and serve it up to your mam while she watches her favourite TV show, a glass of wine wouldn't go astray either if that's what she likes. You could even just keep it really simple and make her breakfast in bed.

Pamper Her


Treating your mother to a spa day is the dream but for us broke ass students sometimes that can be a little difficult. Not to worry though, we can bring the spa day to her. Go to your local chemist and pick up a few face/hair masks. You can get really good ones for around €3/4 euro. Garnier is a good option. Pick up a nice nail polish and go all out!

Rent A Movie

If you're not up for going to the cinema, go rent her fav film, or just stream it from Netflix if that's possible. Get some microwave popcorn and enjoy a night in with your mam. No doubt she will love it.

Get All The Mothers Together

Organise to get all the mothers in your life together, your mam, grandmother, aunts and so on. Organise a lunch and get everyone to bring something like a cake or bread or buns or whatever. This is a fun way of spending mothers day with all the special women in your life. How thoughtful!



Customised Art

Get your mam a customised piece of art. How cute would that be hanging up over the mantel piece? It's thoughtful and she can show it off to anyone who comes into the house. JS Designs is an Irish illustrator who creates incredible customised illustrations. Check her out here. How could your mam not love something as cute as this?!

Make A Photo Album/Collage

Get all your favourite memories together and combine them into a cute photo album. No doubt your mam will get a little teary-eyed looking back through all the years. Again it's something she will have forever more and she can always look back on it. You can get really nice photo albums for a relatively good price in TK Maxx. If you're feeling more the collage side of things pick up a scrapbook in any arts and crafts shop and get cutting and sticking!

Get A Photo Of The Two Of You Framed

Don't love the idea of an album/collage or you done that already? How about just getting a nice photo of the two of you framed? You can get really cute frames in Dealz for €1.49 so there's no excuse really!


Every woman loves to see a big bouquet of flowers arriving through the door. They always brighten up the house. Sometimes custom made bouquets can be a bit on the pricey side but nip into Aldi or Lidl and you're sure to find a good bunch in there for under 20 quid.

Personalised Journal

Everyone needs somewhere to write down all their ideas and thoughts. You can get really cute journals for Mother's Day and you can write little messages in them. Check out this one from Paperchase.

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