10 European Festivals You Gotta Go To This Summer

Summer and festivals go hand in hand and Europe offers thousands of music festivals each year. With festival season just around the corner, here's a list of the top 10 music festivals around Europe. From Secret Garden Party in the UK to Ibiza Closing Party, be prepared for a unique experience if you decide to take a trip to any of the many festivals Europe has to offer.

1. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals around. Held in Belgium, in the town of Brooms, it has been running since 2005 and is one of the most notable global music festivals.


2. Sziget

A little different to Tomorrowland in terms of music variety, Sziget is one of the biggest multicultural festivals in Europe. It has been active since 1993 and attracts almost 400,000 fans each year from over 70 different countries. Located on the Island of Freedom in the heart of Budapest, it provides a non-stop festival experience with constant parties and tourist attractions the city has to offer.


3. Soundwave

Soundwave is located on the beautiful Croatian coastline. It was originally organised by one of London's top promoters and is sold out year after year months in advance. If you're after a long weekend in Europe along with the opportunity to combine it with a holiday in Croatia, then Soundwave is a festival not to be missed.

4. Insomnia

This festival is suited best for anyone obsessed with techno. Renowned for it's electronic dance and techno scene, this Norwegian festival seeks to entertain those who want a weekend of dance. This festival displays a wide variety of tehcno music while also remaining small and tight-knit.



5. Sonar

Welcome to the future of music festivals. Featuring an amazing array of up and coming acts, Sonar is reinventing what a music festival can be. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, Sonar offers high speed Wi-Fi throughout.


6. Awakenings Festival

Named ''THE techno festival in Holland'', this festival offers a staggering line-up of techno talent. It's held in Amsterdam so if you're looking for something to do while you're there, this festival is the perfect reason to book a flight to the city.

7. Love International

Another festival held in Croatia, Love international takes place at the Garden Resort in Tinso with a private bay if you're in the mood for a swim. Its lineup includes some of the bets disco and dance acts around. Located in such a beautiful country too, it's a festival not to be missed.


8. Secret Solstice

This year, Secret Solstice have announced the first ever live performance from inside a volcano as a side event. This feature though is quite expensive but the festival itself is a lot of fun. With past acts such as Radiohead and Die Antwoord, this festival is a great opportunity to visit Reykajavik, the place where it's located and the rest of the country.

9. A Summer's Tale

This festival is located in the remote leafy north of the German countryside, close to Hamburg. It was remained low key for a number of years but this year, organisers have ramped things up with well known acts such as Jose Gonzalez taking the stage. As well as its acts, this festival is family friendly, offering arts and crafts, theatre and workshops.

10. Boom

Boom festival brings to life the psychedelic trance implosion to Europe's leading alt-eco gathering, taking place every two years. Boom is renowned for it's tripped out mindset where a lot of people seem to be on acid. It is both visually and physically stimulating , filled with features to play around with/think deeply about. Not only does this festival include some of the best trance music around, it also focuses on spiritual retreat with yoga classes and healing workshops.


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