5 Things You Learn After Your First Festival

5 Things You Learn After Your First Festival

There’s a whole lot of fresh meat heading to festivals this year, Electric Picnic, Longitude or Marley Park to name a few. More than likely Leaving Cert students will be hanging up their uniform and taking their first trip to a festival.

Apart from a sore head, there's always a few life lessons you can take away from going to a festival:

1. Being Able To Hold Yourself Together

Festival drinking is a whole other experience. You're not going out for the evening to the pub, or going out to your local nightclub and getting hammered with 3 consecutive shots. You're expected to start drinking in the morning, all afternoon and still last until 3 a.m.

The shocking thing is, it's so much easier than it sounds. Once you're in the festival zone, anything goes. Drinking all day? No problem! Whether it's the fresh air, or the lack of sleep, your body some how holds itself together way better than on a usual Saturday night out on the town.


2. Finding The Perfect Spot

When you first walk into the festival, everything looks so clean and perfect. But don't let that decieve you. Within 12 hours the whole place will look completely different. Most people think being close to the main arena is the best spot. No. Unless you want your tent trampled and covered in muck, keep yourself at a safe distance.

Also, being close to the toilets is never a good spot. You want to be able to see them from a distance, but definitely not within smelling distance. Even though the staff do a great job trying to keep them clean, you cant expect them to stay that way for long. By the last day, the toilets are the last place you want to be near.


3. People At Festivals Are Not Real Life

The people you meet at festivals are always 100% nicer than they are in real life. When you're at a festival you feel as though everyone is your friend, you are all enduring the same experience and you almost have an instant connection from when you step onto the campsite.

Festivals are another kind of world. Everyone is there for a good time, and are more than happy to talk to strangers. Festival BFF's are the best, but they never last longer than the festival. You'll probably forget to even ask their name.


4. Your Wristband Is Now Part Of You

After most festivals, your wristband is the one thing that you'll cling to and walk around hoping for someone to ask them about the life-changing experience that was Life 2015. I am more than happy for people if they had a good time, but pleeeeease take off the wristband at some point after the festival.

The only thing it's good for now is collecting an unholy amount of bacteria. Wearing it in the shower, cleaning dishes, general household chores, at work, etc only makes it dirtier and tattered. Take it off when you get home and keep it in a safe place. Please.

5. You'll Completely Forget About The Outside World For The Weekend

The three days all turn into one big long day, and when that bus comes to collect you, you start remembering all the things you left behind when going to this festival. Work, school, exams, all come rushing back to your mind, and that session depression hits hard. Just make sure you book a cooling off day from work. But you'll do the same again next year, and it's only 365 days away!

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