10 Annoying People You'll See at Every Concert

10 Annoying People You'll See at Every Concert

Spending four hours at a concert or gig is rarely disappointing, whether you're a die hard fan of the music or not.

However, there is the odd occurrence when someone is dragged to a concert against their own free will or has never been to one before.

We thought that by sharing the 10 annoying eejits at concert, we could prepare those yet to pop their concert cherry for what's in store.

1. The die hard fans

These people know every single word to every single song ever created by the band and can be found squished at the front of the railings pissing everyone off.

2. The criers



Similar to the die hard fans, this group are usually covered in memorabilia, but have tear stains soaking their t-shirt from bawling their eyes out at every concert. They can be found at every One Direction concert ever. Avoid at all costs.



3. Those people who pretend to know the words

You can catch them singing louder than anyone else to the complete wrong lyrics. If you're not having fun these lads will give you a laugh.



4. The mystery farter

There's always one – and in the sweaty closeness that accompanies most concerts, it's made so much worse by the inability of the smell to be swiftly spread by the wind available at an outdoors venue.

The culprit is sly and gets away with poisoning the crowd because they join in when people start clutching their nose, grimacing and peering around the try and find the offender.

wasn't me


5. The drunk fan


There's always someone who's so hammered they either pass out or spend their night in the toilets spewing. Classic.

6. The PDA couples

These people are the absolute worst humans to ever set foot in a concert venue. Nothing is worse than someone sticking their tongue down another person's throat while you are quite literally centimetres away from them. GET A ROOM.


7. The ones who rings their entire phone book


Normally this person is hammered and is screaming singing down the phone, while the receiver has already hung up and turned their phone on silent – get the hint.

8. The Snapchatter

This person's story is normally over two hundred seconds long and features them singing to their screen not looking at the stage – overall they're shite bags.



9. The giant

There should be a rule that people of a certain height should have to stand at the back or something. Mere mortals not gifted with legs for miles, somehow always end up stuck behind the tallest person they have ever seen.

10. And finally...The parent

This can go one of two ways, bored or overly energetic. The bored one was sound enough to forego their sanity for the sake of their One-Direction-loving daughter and her gaggle of giggling friends. The energetic one is dancing like it's 1988.


Ciara Finnegan

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