A Live Orchestra Will Perform Dr. Dre's Greatest Hits In Dublin

A Live Orchestra Will Perform Dr. Dre's Greatest Hits In Dublin

It's not every day your favourite '90s album gets the full orchestra treatment and we couldn't think of a better artist for such a makeover than Dr. Dre, the father of beats.

No Strings Attached, a British orchestra, is coming to Ireland to perform each of his 2001 hits accompanied by DJ's, singers, and lyricists.

While the success of his sophomore 2001 reached dizzying heights back in 1999, the man, the myth and the legend has preferred to lurk in the background of the music scene ever since.

Back in 1999 Dr. Dre released an instrumental version of 2001 alongside the original release so this won't come as a surprise for a die-hard fan. His body of work features many intricate musical layers which makes it the perfect album to the get the live orchestra treatment but imagine watching hundreds of people bopping to the orchestrated version of 'The Next Episode'.

This will be one event you'll need to scratch into your diary. Sadly, the orchestra won't include Dr. Dre himself.

Ticket prices range from €22.40 - €33.06 and the live event will take place in Dublin's Opium on November 17. Here's an idea of what to expect from this hip-hop extravaganza:


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