10 Times In A Man's Life When Only A Suit Will Do

There are certain occasions in a man's life when he just has to look his Best and wearing a suit is the way to do it... A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men; sexy, suave and a total turn on. Wearing a suit isn't just enough though, the suit has to represent the best parts of you both inside and out. Getting properly measured for a suit is as important as the suit itself. Think of the difference between your girlfriend in her hot skinny jeans and her in a pair of yours... yes, it's that big of a difference. Your suit should fit you and only you, it should be like an armour that when put on, you morph into a hot, sophisticated, sharp man who could take on anything and anyone. 

Best Menswear are the Official Clothing Sponsors of the dashing Leinster Rugby players, and are a great place to start if you're looking to buy a new suit. They're all about super sharp suits, ballsy bow ties and matching pocket squares, and if they've been able to make Heaslip, Healy and the foxy Kearney's look good for the Last 6 Years then they can do the same for you... Below are the occasions that you'll encounter in life where a good suit will make the day significantly better. 


The first occasion when many of us men in Ireland wear a suit and you might be forgiven for getting the fit slightly wrong, or not quite wearing it correctly. Mediocrity is not acceptable for any suit occasion and any of you who haven't had your Grad/Debs yet, make the effort to be the most stylish guy there. Suit up and show up, the ladies won't know what hit them.




Weddings are awesome. They have all the fun of a night out, with the added value of getting a free meal, private disco, and having the excuse to look good while doing it. You see so many guys at a wedding who have the potential to look good, but then ruining it by wearing their suit with what can only be described as contempt. Don't be one of those guys.



College graduations is another of the standard occasions where suits are required, but just because you might have to wear one of those gown things doesn't mean your suit shouldn't still look good. This suit needs to radiate sophistication, intelligence and charm - because that's what you're celebrating about yourself. Own it.



Job Interview

First impressions are vital when going for a new job, and an awful lot of that first impression is based on your appearance, and rightly so. If someone puts a lot of effort into how they look, it's the first sign of dedication to the job. Think Harvey Spector, would you ever see him in a mediocre suit?


Charity Ball


Great fun and for a good cause, usually a lot of women looking they're absolute best so you need to measure up if you have a chance with anyone. Charity balls are for good looking people with money, you'll definitely be needing a hot suit.


Awards Night

You never know. Sports, Film, TV, Advertising, Social Media - they have awards night for just about everything these days. They are annual events, and always call for a more formal dress code than what is usually worn on a regular night out with the team or society at any other time of the year. Lots of photographs, your suit needs to shine.




The most reliable things is life? Death and taxes. Unfortunately funerals will become more common as you get older and you will have to attend a few in your life. Dark suits are only really suitable at funerals, always good to have one at the ready, as morbid a thought that it is, better not to have the stress on top of everything else.


21st Party


You're only going to have one 21st, so why not go all out. You need to be the hottest guy in the room when the ladies are queuing up for that kiss, don't let them down.



Who knows, someone might consider you wise enough to be the spiritual guide of their child. And if that day ever comes, you have to be ready. Spiritual guides don't dress shabbily. Spiritual guides have their shit together. Spiritual guides look good. They've got style and class.



Meeting The Parents

I'm not suggesting that you wear a suit over to her house the first time you meet them, but if the first time you meet is at a fancy restaurant or something like it, then you best suit up and be the knight in shining armour that they expect you not to be.


If you're looking for the right suit for any of these occasions log onto They're all about ensuring the style is right and the suit fits you, and all at an affordable price for students.

Look out for the BEST MENSWEAR Style Look Fit Hub this Tuesday to Saturday exclusively at Clerys, Dublin where you can get Free measuring & style advice, Free grooming as well as the opportunity to win a free suit or tuxedo of your choice!




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David has the most relevant qualifications of all of the writers at CollegeTimes, having just completed 3 years of an Electrical Engineering degree in UCD.

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