10 Types Of People Everyone Follows On Instagram

Instagram is the platform we all love to browse through and have a good creep from time to time. Whether you're gazing at your favourite celebrities' photos, your best friend's selfies, that guy you have a crush on or just obsessing over that food porn account, instagram is the place to be!

1. The Traveller


This person is currently travelling and feels the need to remind us with endless cliché tourist photos. We all know what the Eiffel Tower looks like, there's no need to take a selfie in front of it.

2. The Selfie Queen



Just in case we've forgotten what they look like since yesterday, they post another daily selfie to remind us. Their entire Instagram feed consists of selfies... Do they go outside?

3. The Alcoholic


This person seems to go out every single night of the week. They'll post a picture of them smiling drunkenly in a nightclub bathroom, or a quick pic of their cocktails. You'll see them at AA meetings in a few years.


4. The Materialist


It seems like this person's main motive for posting pictures is to remind us how much better their life is compared to ours. They're always 'treating' themselves to new stuff, resulting in an endless feed of pictures of their new shoes/bag/car/clothes.

5. The Little Sibling/Relative



A younger family member so un-following them isn't an option. They fill your home page with pictures you've no interest in, like pictures of their dog or quotes they steal from Tumblr.

6. The Hipster


This person will pride themselves on their Instagram being totally unique. Their pictures will be of their lit cigarettes, their morning coffee, bands no one has heard of yet and pictures of landscape when they decide they're now a photographer.


7. The Food Porn Addict


They always seem to be in Eddie Rocket's or McDonald's and they can't eat a meal without choosing the perfect filter to make their food look delicious, before actually eating it. Don't look at their account if you're trying to diet.

8. The Couple



They make you want to cry at how cute they are and hit them for being so irritating. They'll post their cute selfies, pictures from their dates and photos of presents they gave each other.

9. The Hashtag-er


This person's main goal is likes and the best way for them to achieve this is hashtag every word possible. #bestfriends #selfie #girls #fashion #topshop #ireland #cute #fun #hipster #starbucks #likeforlike #ifollowback #teamfollowback #whitagram #hashtag

10. The Ultimate White Girl


Her lifelong dream in life is to get her name spelt correctly on her Starbucks coffee cup so she can post a picture on Instagram. She'll also use the whitagram edit for all her pictures and post song lyrics to describe how she is feeling.


jodie Brady

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