10 Ways To Fight Acne For That Perfect Skin

If you suffer from the dreaded skin condition called acne don't fear, you're not alone. Apparently 85% of the world have experienced acne at some stage of their life. Learning to manage it and establish some sort of a routine that works for you is key. Here are some of my top tips for keeping those breakouts at bay so you stay looking fab.

1. Clean your makeup brushes regularly.


This job is so annoying but it's super important. Your brushes are touching your face everyday and could be spreading bacteria around.

2. Take your makeup off before bed.


Ditch the face wipes girls and grab a face cloth to take off the daily dirt that has accumulated on your face.

3. Exfoliate.


Try and do this weekly at a minimum. I love St Ives, it's super cheap and gentle.

4. Cut out refined sugar.


OK you're not gonna like this one. If like me you have a VERY sweet tooth then try cutting back on the amount of refined sugar you eat and watch your skin reap the rewards.

5. Keep your phone germ free.


We use our phones all day long. Updating our statuses, watching YouTube videos and making phone calls. Wipe yours down with an anti-bacterial wipe at least once a day.


6. Use oil free products.

When choosing your moisturiser and other skin care, go oil free to reduce the oiliness in your skin which should help reduce breakouts.

7. Keep your hands away from your face.

I know I know, it is so tempting to pick, but say no to the urge!


8. Drink water.

Drink loads of water. I know people say this all the time, but really water is queen!

9. Get a good concealer.



Even treating your skin with the utmost care, you can still end up with the occasional breakout. While it's best to try and stay makeup free, we all know too well that sometimes a girl needs some coverage. I recommend Makeup Forever HD.

10. New Foods

Try to introduce more foods like watermelon, nuts and sweet potato into your diet. These foods are really good for your skin.

Ciara Smyth
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My name is Ciara. I am founder of the blog Lipstick and Lime. I am from Cork and live in San Francisco. I love travelling, the colour black and pancakes!

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