11 Health & Fitness Hacks For Even The Laziest Of College Girls

So your idea of fitness is the walk from the couch to the kitchen for food and back to the couch again. Bet you didn't know that you burn 59 calories an hour watching TV. That's 708 calories if you sit and watch TV for 12 hours of the day (I hope that you don't!) For anyone scrolling through fitness accounts on Instagram (from your bed) and wishing that you had the motivation to exercise, here are some simple ways to give yourself a little push. Let's do this ladies!

1) Get More Sleep 


Not a problem! The body needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Lack of sleep can cause you to eat more during the day and not have enough energy for your workouts. What workouts, might you say? The workouts that you're going to be doing girls!

2) Start A Meal With Water



You'll feel fuller, which will stop you from overeating. You'll also keep hydrated, which is the key to a healthy body. Fresh.

3) Eat Your Dinner Earlier


It's best to keep your dinner to 25% of your daily calories and have it, at the latest, 2-3 hours before you go to bed. Eating too much, too late can cause digestion and sleep problems. If you get hungry, snack on a handful of nuts (stay away from the chocolate, sad but true).

4) Don't Drink Your Calories



This is my weakness, but I've cut out fizzy drinks lately and feel much better in myself as a result. Fizzy drinks or a glass of wine at night can really add up and contribute to the reason why you don't see any changes. If you like to have flavour, then add things like lemon, lime, cucumber or mint to your water.

5) Don't Starve Yourself 


Eat well-timed meals and snacks. Starving yourself will just make your body crash and you're more likely to binge eat, which isn't going to do you any favours in the long run. After all, who doesn't like a good snack?

6) Correct Portion Sizes 



Measure out snacks before you go to eat them, don't eat from the bag because before you know it, you'll have finished the entire thing (guilty as charged). Use smaller plates that will make your meal look bigger and I've also heard that you eat less off a blue plate (cue me painting my whole kitchen blue.)

7) Go To The Gym 


Even just walk there and back! Ok, you should probably go in and do a workout, but if for the first few times all you do is walk there and back then maybe the 'talent' that you see going in and out will motivate you to join. Any exercise is beneficial, trust me on this one.


8) Stand Up


Three extra hours on your feet would burn up to 144 more calories, which would add up to 8 pounds of fat a year. If you work in an office job then get up and walk around the office. Parking further away from your location is another little way to burn more calories and you'll probably walk a lot faster if it's to the shopping centre!

9) Bathe In Epsom Salts 


A supermodels best-kept secret. Apparently the salt draws out toxins in the body. You add a few mugs of the salt to a bath once or twice a week, which helps speed up weight loss. I'm off to stock up on Epsom salts bitches.

10) Stay Focused


Us women can get side tracked and end up on the phone or watching TV while we're trying to work out. Focus on the exercise that you're doing because you could end up back on the couch scrolling through Facebook on your phone and that's going to get you nowhere. Write down a target you want to hit and stay on the path to success by signing up for a 5k, or having an event coming up at which you want to shine. *Photo ready and fabulous*

11) Climb Every Set Of Stairs You Possibly Can


Apparently walking up five flights of stairs, five times a week burns an average of 302 calories when they're taken one at a time. Definitely going to start counting how many times a day that I walk up and down stairs!

Clara Caslin
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Clara is a self confessed lipstick addict that loves blogging about beauty and fashion on her blog Chatterbox Clara. She loves 80's music and films and is also obsessed with romantic, classic black and white films and Disney films too! She is a major animal lover and aspires to be a broadcast journalist.

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